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Tiny Tukkins Playtime Playsets

From the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. makers of Surprizamals, Squeezamals, and Shimmezz plush comes Tiny Tukkins an all-new plush, playtime playset combinations. Tiny Tukkins Playtime Playsets make for a wonderful Christmas gift and stocking filler. This new cuddly range of plush toys and play sets will create fun from playtime to bedtime.


There are three different Tiny Tukkins Playtime Playset themes to collect. Themes include Naptime Nursery, Preschool, and Play Room. Children can teach lessons in preschool, have adventures in the playroom and then tuck their sleepy Tukkin into bed at night in the Naptime Nursery.

Tiny Tukkins Naptime Nursery


Tiny Tukkins

Tiny Tukkins Playtime Playsets The Tiny Tukkins Naptime Nursery comes with Baby Mouskins and Big Sister Eloise’s plush character. Also included is a rocker, a sleeping bag, a diaper, a blanket, a pillow, and a crib. My daughter can dress Eloise in her removable dress, change Baby Mouskins’ diaper, and incorporate the included accessories like the bottle and teddy bear into imaginative play. Baby Mouskin’s hands are movable, which allows her to hold her own bottle.

The play sets themself are made of sturdy cardboard. Kids can use the accessories and the box backdrops to act out different playtime adventures. For example, The Naptime Nursery play set presents a cozy nursery with a round rug, wall sconces, and a toy box.

Three cribs fit inside the Naptime Nursery play set side by side.

Parents should note the accessories with the playsets are really tiny. Therefore, they should be kept away from younger siblings.

Tiny Tukkins

Tiny Tukkins Mini Playtime Playsets

Tiny Tukkins Also available is a range of six blind mini playsets with baby plush characters and accessories. There are 12 different plush to collect. Characters are Kitkins: Rosie (a girl) and Riley (a boy), Mouskins: Emmet (a boy) and Elenor (a girl), Pupkins: Levi (a boy) and Lucy (a girl), Foxins: Asher (a boy) and Amelina (girl), and last but not least Bearkins Hazel (girl) and Henry (boy). You can tell if you have a boy or girl by their colored diaper. Miss P unboxed two Bearkins, which is OK with her as now she says she has twins. You won’t know which Tiny Tukkins you have until you open them incorporating the unboxing trend.


Tiny Tukkins Naptime Mystery Packs include a mystery plush baby animal, a crib, and play accessories.

The Tiny Tukkins Play House

Tiny Tukkins Plush Play House Play SetAlso available and on Miss P’s Christmas wish list is the Tiny Tukkins Play House. The set includes Dad, Mom, and Baby plush characters. Also included in the set are a crib and highchair for the baby, play accessories, soft blankets for the family, and pajamas for mom and dad. Once it is bedtime, kids can convert the closet into a bed for Mom and Dad, and place Baby into its crib, for bedtime.

Overall,  Tiny Tukkins Playtime Playsets are a wonderful addition to the pretend playset line. The plush characters are oh-so-soft and perfect for snuggling.

Tiny Tukkins Webisodes

Tiny Tukkins now have their own webisodes! Visit the Tiny Tukkins Facebook and YouTube accounts for fun videos and more interaction with Tiny Tukkins.


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  1. Love that they have three different Tiny Tukkins Playtime Playset themes to collect,my granddaughter is a collector and would love these sets.

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