VIP Pets

From IMC Toys the company behind Cry Babies comes VIP Pets Glitter Twists- a line of stylish pets with super long hair. The pets are aimed at children aged five-plus and my eight year old daughter is absolutely head over heals for them. Each VIP Pet comes in a mouse bottle and includes everything your […]

Globber Ultimum kick scooter

Now that April break is here and the nice weather is upon us it is the perfect time to get the kids outside. With a lock down upon us I see many  kids outside cycling. Getting in 30 minutes of outdoor activity such as cycling can help ones immune system. Aside from riding a bike, […]

Unicorn 3-D Puzzle

People have been fascinated with unicorns for centuries. However, the last few years Unicorns are everywhere I turn and the unicorn trend is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With a seven year old daughter it’s no surprise that unicorns are a major obsession in my house. If you are shopping for a […]

Jabuka Word Game Review

I predict that a lot of people will be staying indoors this Winter season due to the novel cornavirus pandemic. In these times of social distancing, when we are spending more time inside with our immediate household playing games has become a great way to pass some time. In fact games exploded in popularity during […]

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