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5 Surprise Unicorn Squad from Zuru

5 Surprise Unicorn SquadUnicorns may not be real, but the unicorn trend definitely is. The trend is gaining in popularity and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.  Company Zuru Toys who is popular for their 5 Surprise line which excites the imagination of children by enabling them to unwrap, peel and reveal 5 Surprise toys have added unicorns to their 5 Surprise line. In fact, one of the hottest toys right now for the 2019 Christmas season is 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad from Zuru.  Children will delight as they unbox a magical unicorn.

There are thirteen sassy squad members to collect from ballerinas to bubblegum babes and a rare golden unicorn. These collectible unicorns are packed with personality.


Umboxing 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad from Zuru

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad

Once you take the wrappers off, four capsules contain a unicorn, comb, stickers, accessories and unicorn poop compound! The unicorn poop is like a soft slime that kids can stretch and play with.

Not only are the outfits super adorable, but they come with the perfect accessories.Children will be able to swap the interchangeable accessories like the skirt, hair and shoes between the unicorns. Use the matching comb to groom your unicorn’s shiny tail and make her ready for a day out with the Unicorn Squad! The unicorns feature vibrant, bright colors that are sure to catch kids’ eyes.

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad

We unboxed Cherry who came with a lollipop and sparkly purple skirt. She is wearing a crown in her colorful hair. Next up is Pippa who came with bubble gum that fits in her mouth. She is wearing a polka dot skirt, necklace and hair accessory. I just love her orange hair.

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad are the perfect combination of both unicorns and collectible theme taking over the toy industry. With tons of options to choose from, kids will be sure to love 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad.

They make a great stocking filler or combine them with other unicorn merchandise for the ultimate Unicorn theme gift.

Move over My Little pony there is a new Unicorn in town. Children just can’t get enough of the Unicorn Squad.

Visit them at www.zuru.com.

5 Surprise from Zuru Unboxing Video

Watch Miss P as she unboxes a 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad from Zuru.

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3 thoughts on “5 Surprise Unicorn Squad from Zuru

  1. My daughter has asked for 5 surprise for Christmas. I am going to have to check out the unicorn ones. She loves all the surprise toys.

  2. These 5 surprise balls are pretty cool, I usually pick one up every once and awhile for my granddaughter, but she will love these unicorn ones!

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