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What are the Common Health Issues Often Neglected By Women (But Shouldn’t)?

Women play a vital role in every sphere of life, whether it be offering mental support, physical care, or fulfilling the domestic need of the family; they do everything so perfectly and never ignore a little detail while fulfilling their responsibilities. However, when it comes to paying attention to the health signals, such as shortness of breath after walking a few miles or feeling fatigued all day, women ignore these and put themselves in even more danger. So, it is always better to take health symptoms seriously and get in touch with an NYC medical specialist before it gets too late. Wondering which health issues you should never ignore? Well, let’s talk about them in detail below:

Shortness of Breath:

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You might have noticed a shortness of breath when you walked up a staircase or walked a few kilometers in a hurry. It is normal until it is not happening so often and accompanying intermittent fatigue.

Sometimes, the heart muscle doesn’t pump blood at a sustainable level; blood often backs up and causes lung problems that induce shortness of breath. So if the problem is persistent and not getting better with time, it is good to see a doctor.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding:

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If you are changing your tampon or pad within 2 hours, this means you have heavy bleeding. You might have an imbalanced hormone or something serious like fibroids.

Although uterine fibroids aren’t usually life-threatening, they can cause pain and discomfort if left untreated. Or in the worst case, heavy bleeding may lead to severe cramps and anemia.

So, the excellent way to deal with this is to meet a fibroid specialist nyc to get the best treatment.

Thinning Hair:

Losing about 50 or 100 hairs a day is normal. However, if you’ve been noticing more hair on your hairbrush than usual, it may be worth looking out for a solution.

There may be significant illnesses such as critical vitamin deficiency, autoimmune conditions, and thyroid that make your hair thin or cause your hair to fall out in patches. You can seek medical assistance to resolve the root cause.


Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding gums are commonly considered a symptom of uncontrolled diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and other chronic illnesses. However, it may also be caused due to the side effects of certain medications. Or a cut while flossing may also be a cause of excessive gum bleeding.


Whatever may be the cause, meeting a dentist is the fastest way to address any dental issue. Delaying treatment could lead you to gum recession and cause tooth loss.

Vaginal Itching:

If you have been noticing vaginal itch for a long time, the chances are you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis. It has similar symptoms as UTI, burning during urination, and smelly discharge. If left untreated, it could increase the risk of STI transmission, pelvic inflammatory disease, HIV.

Contacting a gynecologist at the very first sign of this issue may help you recover fast.


The Bottom Line

Never ignore the health signals that your body gives you.  Recognizing it and timely addressing these may eliminate these at their very first instant. Also, it is wise to consult an NYC medical specialist when any health issue lasts longer than usual.

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