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Rubik's Cube Games

Over the last 45 years, the Rubik’s Brand has continued to expand its lines including the entry into the games category with the release of Rubik’s Race in 2011. Now just in time for the holiday season the Rubik’s brand has launched the latest twist to its interactive line of Rubik’s Cube Games with the Rubik’s Cage. First some Rubik’s Cube history! The Rubik’s cube was inv...[Read More]


Nothing make the holidays more fun than some new games that you can play with the children on game night. Today we bring you a  fun, suspenseful and wild game from Orangutwang, the makers of Play monster who brought us Yeti Forgetti, which we recently reviewed. Orangutwang is the perfect family game for ages four and up, though younger children will be able to play with some guidance. The OranguTw...[Read More]

Madame Alexander dolls

Dolls have been around for centuries. In fact dolls are among the most classic forms of toys. For 96 years, Madame Alexander Doll Company has inspired imagination, creativity and love through doll play. The Madame Alexander Doll Company was founded by Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman in 1923. Madame viewed dolls as valuable learning tools that could teach children empathy, compassion and responsi...[Read More]

Aquabeads USA

First invented in 2004, Aquabeads is still a popular activity for children. While the manufacturers suggested age is 4 years and up, we feel the activity is better suited for children age six and up due to the dexterity required. It also takes a steady hand even if using the pen and a great deal of patience. Unlike the smART Pixelator, we recently reviewed Aquabeads are held together with water in...[Read More]

cabbage patch

Do you remember Cabbage Patch Kids? Cabbage Patch dolls were created in 1978 by Xavier Roberts. By 1983, Cabbage Patch dolls were in such demand that parents would camp out at stores overnight in the hopes of getting their hands on one. By the end of that year almost 3 million of the Cabbage Patch Kids Toys had been adopted. Thanks to the success of Cabbage Patch over the last forty one years the ...[Read More]


Much like everything else we teach our kids, getting dressed can be a complicated process for children. One company knows this all too well. OKIEZ children’s apparel is a unique design of kids clothing that supports children with every day learning skills like learn to dress themselves. OKIEZ Shoes One important aspect of teaching toddlers to dress is wearing shoes. And just like other parts...[Read More]

Rainbocorns and Rainbocorn Sparkle Heart Surprise

Rainbocorns, are a collection of part animal and part unicorn from Zuro Toys. Each Rainbocorn comes in an a pink plastic egg with a protruding unicorn horn. Kids don’t know which Rainbocorn they have until they unbox it. Last year, Rainbocorns topped the NPD 50 toy list, over 10 retailers listed it as a top holiday gifts and the toy earned seven industry awards around the globe. The first se...[Read More]

Unicorn Squad

Unicorns may not be real, but the unicorn trend definitely is. The trend is gaining in popularity and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.  Company Zuru Toys who is popular for their 5 Surprise line which excites the imagination of children by enabling them to unwrap, peel and reveal 5 Surprise toys have added unicorns to their 5 Surprise line. In fact, one of the hottest toys right...[Read More]

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