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Y’art Craft Kit from Kahootz Toys

Coloring just got a lot cooler with Y’Art. The Y’Art Craft Kit, from Kahootz Toys, offers children a whole new way to create textile art by coloring with yarn. A Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard holds the yarn in place while your child fills in numbered areas with colored yarn. How To Become A Y’Artist! To get started: Unbundle the yarn and guide one end through the pen, then pull out the other...[Read More]

Magic Kit Magic Hat from Thames & Kosmos

 Thames & Kosmos’ Magic Hat and Rabbit’s Hat Magic tricks are an excellent gift idea for kids who like magic tricks and are fascinated by magicians and illusionists. Comprehensive magic kits, such as the Magic Hat magic kit and mini magic rabbit hats helps kids develop early social skills and self-confidence. Take it from someone who knows. My brother spent over 21 years as a magic...[Read More]

Blinger from Wicked Cool Toys

Blinger is set to be the next big fashion accessory. The styling tool which started as a successful Kickstarter project, was the brainchild of mompreneur Angie Cella. It was Angie’s dream to see Blinger on store shelves and now thanks to Wicked Cool Toys that dream is now reality. With Blinger from Wicked Cool toys kids can quickly and easily adds gemstones to hair, clothes, accessories, and...[Read More]

Bouncer balls

Bounce into the Christmas season with Big Time Toys Hopper Balls. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, available in various styles little ones will be bouncing in style. These retro toys that you may recall from your childhood gives little ones plenty of benefits beyond mere fun. Socker Bopper Hippity Hop balls are great for kids to expend some energy indoors during the cold winter months when it is ...[Read More]

Boardwalk arcade line from Super Impulse

It was the golden age of arcade games. Growing up as a teen in the late 80s, I was among the countless teens obsessed with arcade games. I spent hours at the arcade attempting to get high score on Pac Man, Miss Pac Man, Frogger and Space invaders, just a few of my favorites. I recall the countless quarters I put into those games. Now I get to bring that fun into my home thanks to Super Impulse and...[Read More]

Zax Throwing Axe fun from Zing Toys

In case you hadn’t noticed, axe throwing is now officially a thing. The first axe-throwing bar in North America opened in Toronto in 2011. Sense then axe throwing has been a rapidly growing sport and gaining popularity across Canada.  Just ask my brother of The Soaring Pig who gave it a try just this past summer when he visited Ontario.  Now just in time for the upcoming holiday season Zing ...[Read More]


As a woman, you may not have realized that women experience unique mental health issues. It’s easy to dismiss such a notion because there does not appear to be much evidence for it. For instance, The American Psychiatric Association which publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), does not distinguish between women and men for mental health disorders. However, if ...[Read More]

smelly feet treatment

Have you ever been asked to leave your shoes by the door? At that moment you started praying for a meteor to hit the Earth? Having smelly feet and shoes can put you in a lot of uncomfortable situations, but don’t worry. You don’t have to wait until you are all alone in a gym locker room to take off your running shoes! There are some really simple home remedies you can use to battle sti...[Read More]

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