LetsGlow Studio

With the holiday season fast approaching, many parents and grandparents are at a loss on what to get their tween son or daughter. I am confident that your child will love this next gift suggestion. If you are a parent of a teen, you are likely already familiar with the app TikTok. Either your child […]

Cate & Levi Hand Puppets

A hand puppet is a classic toy. Hand puppets have been used since the 5th century BC in Ancient Greece. Many of the best television characters we can recall aren’t actors; they are puppets. There are numerous puppets in puppetry history who have become international icons, like Howdy Doody, Lampchop, King Friday XIII, and Sara […]

Little You 3D Custom anime figure maker

Little You is an excellent tool that inspires children to conceptualize and design avatars. Many teachers have used Little You in the classroom to stimulate learning. Once the character is designed, with advanced 3D printing technology, the company prints the charter bringing it to life. Little You offers three materials for printing, the Full-Color Sandstone, […]

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