Max: A Cooperative Game

Cooperative board games are games in which players work together to achieve a common goal. They are great for younger children as they help promote collaborative skills and teach sportsmanship. There is less an emphasis on winning, so a child gains confidence playing the game. Family Pastimes is a Canadian company in Perth, Ontario, that […]

Make-A-Fort Review

Forts have always provided countless hours of fun. With our world turned upside down due to Covid 19, a fort provides an extra layer of comfort to a child. Not to mention a fort engages children in unplugged play and hands-on activities. It is the perfect Steam engineering activity that improves fine motor skills, social […]

Get outside with The Floor is Lava

Summer will soon be here and after a year of being inside participating in remote learning it is time to put down the electronics and get outdoors. Endless Games is taking their hottest game ” The Floor is Lava” outside allowing kids to be active. Some of you may remember our review of “The Floor […]

VIP Pets

From IMC Toys the company behind Cry Babies comes VIP Pets Glitter Twists- a line of stylish pets with super long hair. The pets are aimed at children aged five-plus and my eight year old daughter is absolutely head over heals for them. Each VIP Pet comes in a mouse bottle and includes everything your […]

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