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Cry Babies Magic Tears Dolls

Cry BabiesCry Babies magic tears dolls are one of the newest  interactive dolls on the market and is a top toy for the 2019 holiday season. There are 16 dolls in total to collect. These lovable dolls make crying sounds and even cry real tears. Each doll comes in a box that resembles a car seat.

When you take away your cry babies’ dummy she begins to cry. I was surprised as it . The crying starts out softly and then it really builds up, much like a real baby. You can stop your baby from crying by giving her a cuddle or putting her dummy back firmly in her mouth. The crying is rather loud, so you’ll be glad to know there is an ‘off’ switch for when her crying gets a little bit too much.

The compartment for putting in water to enable the baby to cry is under the hood of your doll’s onsie. Make sure the Cry Baby doll is off and the pacifier is in her mouth before pouring the water in. Also use bottle water to fill her and not tap water. Fill the water compartment about ¾ full. If the doll isn’t crying, press the button below the water compartment a few times. When the doll is not being played with be sure to empty the water from the doll to prevent .

For more fun, their arms and legs are movable. They each come with their own cute changeable animal onsie and a attached pacifier.

Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls require 2 AAA batteries to operate. She does come with batteries already installed, but we do suggest changing them as they are for in store use only.

Cry Babies Magic Tears – Blind Capsule

Cry Babies

Cry BabiesCry Babies Magic Tears are smaller versions of the larger dolls. Each soft-bodied, plastic doll is dressed as a different animal character and comes blind packed in its own Cry Babies Home. There’s 12 characters to collect, in addition to one rare doll, and each includes a total of eight accessories in each pack. In addition kids may discover rare accessories, such as the golden pacifier or bow!

Cry Babies

Just like the larger dolls these smaller dolls cry real tears. Use the included baby bottle to feed water to your cry baby Magic tears doll, then squeeze their belly and watch them cry. Cry Babies Magic Tears – Blind Capsules will appeal to children’s love of mystery toys.

Cry Babies

We unboxed Lady the lady bug who is super cute. My daughter has already added both the larger and smaller dolls to her wish list.

IMC Toys USA launches Cry Babies animated series

IMC Toys USA has launched its own animated series based on its popular toy IP Cry Babies and Cry Babies Magic Tears. There are more than 35 episodes on the Cry Babies YouTube channel. The series is for age 3 to 6 years and aims to install positive values in children in a fun and engaging way.



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