Cotton Candy Cuties

Cotton Candy Cuties from Zuru

The ever-expanding range of ZURU just got sweeter with Cotton Candy Cuties, which are adorable surprise capsules that are shaped like carnival-style cotton candy. Inside the container, Zuru combines two things girls love – fluffy, sweet-smelling compounds and cute, collectible slow-rise squishy toys. This is a fun twist of both the blind packaging and slime craze that is popular among children right now.


Cotton Candy CutiesWhen you open the package each Cotton Candy Cuties compound comes complete with a surprise collectible cutie tucked inside. There are six squishes to collect in all and have adorable kawaii faces. While children will be excited to see which Cotton Candy Cutie, they get, the real fun begins when they start playing with the scented squishy slime.

Cotton Candy Cuties, fluffy fun slime stretches over 3000% in size. Kids can make and mold with it over-hand-over again. The all-new scented, squishy fun foam comes in four scents and colors, grape (purple), lemon (yellow), strawberry (pink), and watermelon (turquoise). It smells great. The slime does needs some time to warm up in your hands before it becomes stretchy.

The slime is a wonderful way to strengthen fine motor skills as well as provide a calming effect for autistic children.


Miss P loves the unique feel of this squishy, fluffy slime. The fact that is has a lovely fruity scent to it, makes it even more fun to play with.

Cotton Candy cuties are available in two sizes. In the large capsule, you will find a scented, stretchy slime and one cutie slow-rise squishy. The small capsule includes stretchy scented slime.

ZURU OOSH line also includes a variety of slimes, putty, and foams, including Never Wet Sand, Fun Foam, and OOSH Putty.

To learn more about Cotton Candy Cuties from ZURU, head on over to

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4 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Cuties from Zuru

  1. I dont know if i want to show my girls this, it would be another thing added to the never ending list. but i really wanna get it for them lol

  2. I’m not a big fan of slime for the mess it makes and leaves behind, but this one sounds pretty cool, and my granddaughter can play with it at her house lol

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