How do I pick a Double Stroller?

Parents with double strollerThe earliest double strollers resembled a trolley and had a long wheel base. They were appropriate for children of 2 different ages. Strollers have certainly evolved sense the 19th century. Today, there are several brands and styles to choose from, and they all have pros and con.

When purchasing a double stroller there are numerous factors to consider. I have outlined some of these for you below.
 The ages, weight and height of your children:

The age, weight and height of your children is a very important factor to keep in mind when shopping for a double stroller. Some double strollers have a smaller footprint, which can get a  bit cramped once your child hits toddler and preschool age.  Be sure to look at seat weight and height limits accordingly before you purchase.

 Consider your lifestyle:

If you travel a great deal you will want a stroller that is lightweight, but sturdy. Consider whether you spend time pushing your stroller over gravel, lawn, trails and other rough surfaces. If so, front locking wheels and suspension is an important factor to consider.

Who will be pushing the stroller the most?

Who will be using the stroller most often matters. What seems lightweight for dad might be a little heavy for mom.  Choosing handles that are higher up is also a good option if mom or dad are tall.  If mom’s tall, and dad isn’t then  opt for a height adjustable handle.

Check out the performance of the stroller:

Take a stroller for a walk throughout the store.  Ask yourself how easily does it move? Try folding the stroller. Try carrying it across the store.

Double Stroller Options

The double side-by-side stroller is easier to push, and maneuver as weight is more evenly distributed. They work best when  children are the same age or close in age. These strollers give the same arm and leg room for both children.  Mom or dad has easy access to both children for feeding. The biggest downside to these types of strollers is the width. They may be hard to maneuver in certain spaces.

Umbrella double strollers are convenient for traveling. They are lightweight, fold neatly, and are compact enough for storing.Umbrella double strollers

Hopefully, this article gave you a bit of helpful advice for those thinking about purchasing a double stroller. When choosing a stroller a little experimenting is needed to understand which choice is best suited for you and your family. Read parent approved double stroller reviews  to see other costumers opinions on different models.

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