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Inspire young Inventors with Engino STEM toys

Engino line of STEM toys has all the hallmarks of becoming a timeless classic like Lego and Knex. Engino model construction sets are the brainchild of Costas Sisamos, a Mechanical Engineer who worked for 10 years in primary schools teaching Design & Technology. The first Engino sets were launched in 2007. Today Engino STEM toys have become one of the most innovative and creative construction toys in the world. Engino STEM line comes in a range of sets and different colors appealing to boys and girls.

Engino Inventor Girl

EnginoInventor Girl is specifically targeted at girls encouraging them to grow a stronger interest in 3D model creation and learning STEM topics. The series starts with the 5 models set and reaches up to 30 models set.

Engino STEM toys

Engino Inventor GirlMiss P was intrigued by Inventor Girl, however, it was a little above her ability. She did assist me any assembling some of the pieces, but quickly lost interest in how complex it was. Though the set comes with constructions, they were at times difficult to follow. There is the option of 3D instructions online, though I did not use them.

The pieces snap together much differently than Legos and take a bit of practice. The design of Engino allows pieces to be connected in virtually any direction or angle. Models are brought to life once animated with the high torque geared motor included!

Like all Engino STEM toys, Inventor Girl construction sets encourage planning skills, problem-solving skills, and cause-and-effect knowledge. Until now I had never tried my hands at any of the Engino sets. I must say that system definitely a skill builder designed to exercise the brain.

It took me between an hour to two hours to assemble each model in the thirty-model set.


Engino STEM toysThe new range titled “ACADEMY OF STEM JUNIOR” has been developed for preschool children, both boys and girls. The aim of this new line is to teach children about core subject knowledge, while also developing 21st-century STEM skills.

Engino Junior is similar in form and function as the Inventor Girl, build kits, but of course, is much easier to build and pull apart. The plastic pieces feel robust and come in a fantastic range of colors.

The series cover four different topics and come with a colorful booklet that starts with an engaging story. Additional activities such as coloring pictures, connecting dots, tracing numbers, or letter forms are also included in the booklet.

We own the wild animal set, which allows Miss P to build five wild animals. Also included in the book is some interesting information about each animal.

Engino Junior is recommended for children aged three to seven and was certainly easier for Miss P who is almost seven to build with.

In a world of fast-moving trends and touch screens, it is nice to find a product that will stimulate and entertain young minds. Check out the full Engino line at

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