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Action Princesses cooperative game

Action PrincessesBoard games make great holiday gifts.  Get moving and burn off a little extra energy with Action Princesses from the Haywire Group. This fun, cooperative game provides opportunities for your children to be actively engaged. In this game players quack like a duck, kick like a ninja, and more.

Each player picks his or her favorite prince or princess to move along the path. Mix up the moat cards and put them face down in a circle around the castle. Mix up the path cards giving ten to each player. Each player forms their own swervy path with the cards. Be sure to keep the green action side of the cards down. Players place their princess (prince) on the table next to their first path card.

To begin, the youngest player goes first and play begins clockwise. Roll the dice and move your player the number of spaces shown towards the castle. Turn the card you land over and do the action it directs. Ex: Walk and quack like a duck. When done return your card where it was. Place your princess or prince on the card and pass play to the player on the left.

Action PrincessesKids keep active in the game as they get up to do the hula, hop like a frog, dance like a ballerina and more, making their way down the stone path to the castle.

Once they reach the center, the moat cards have players performing some actions together, such as twirling like tornadoes.

On the moat path, a player rolls the die and moves in either direction around the path The landed on card is then turned up. It could be an action card, sword card, key card or dragon card. Action cards require all players to do the action together.

In order to win the game, players must choose the sword and key cards before they turn over the three dragon cards. If the three dragon cards are turn over before the sword and key cards then the dragon wins and you play the game again.

When playtime is over, the pieces fit inside the castle for easy clean-up and storage.

While the game is for Children age 5 and up, kids as young as 3 and 4 can have fun playing with some help from older siblings or mommy and daddy.

Cooperative games such as Action Princesses help promote collaborative skills, and teach sportsmanship. They are fun, especially for young children, as they focus on the importance of play. Be sure to check out other fun games from the Haywire Group.


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