Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

Basic Puzzles In Foil BagsChristmas wouldn’t be complete without gathering the family together to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Not only do jigsaw puzzles provide hours of entertainment-they’re an affordable gift! If you have a little one on your list who pretty much already owns every toy you could possibly think of, why not consider getting them a puzzle. Cardinal Industries has various jigsaw puzzles featuring your child’s favorite most cherished characters.

Having a puzzle to sit and work on helps brain development and problem solving skills. Puzzles teach patience and perseverance, and the reward is in the satisfaction of the complete image. Puzzles are also a great way to enforce sorting as well as matching.

Beanie Boo Fuzzy Puzzle

Jigsaw PuzzlesBeanie Babies have been the #1 Plush brand worldwide for over 20 years.  My daughter loves Beanie Boo and this 48 piece Beanie Boo Fuzzy puzzle is a great way  for her to have even more fun with  her Beanie Boo stuffed animal Collection.

The large pieces can easily be grabbed and rotated by my daughter’s small hands. While the puzzle is geared to kids age 4 and up, we found it to be more suitable to children age 5 and up due to the number of pieces or perhaps to a four year old who has lots of experience already with puzzles and are ready for more complex illustrations. My daughter is just turning four and experiences lots of difficulty with this puzzle. She needed a great deal of assistance from daddy. She is just beginning to learn rotation and joining of pieces- with of course lots of trial and error.

For kids age 3 and up we would suggest that they begin their jigsaw experience with Cardinal Industries Story book puzzle, which includes 8 puzzles of 12 pieces each. They can then move on to puzzle bags and pounces that contain 24 pieces or their 25 pieces foam puzzles.

Finding Dory Puzzle

Finding Dory PuzzleGift them a wood puzzles based on this summer’s hot Disney movie Finding Dorra.  This wooden puzzle set from  Cardinal Industries is composed of  7 different puzzle boards. Each puzzle board contains 12 to 16 pieces with one puzzle containing 24 pieces. Colorful graphics depicting your child’s favorite characters from the movie. The puzzles come in a a wood storage box that consist of 4 storage cubes for storing the pieces.

I do wish they had 7 different compartments. This is the only downside. A better storage box would be beneficial.

The pieces are durable and sturdy and the perfect size for small hands to grab and rotate.  Other characters are also available including Frozen, Dora, Planes, Minnie and more. 

The puzzles are recommended for ages 4 and up, but children as young as 3 would be able to do the smaller numbered puzzles in the set with ease.

How to Choose Jigsaw Puzzles

Eiffel Tower Puzz 3DWhatever puzzle you choose make sure the puzzles are suited for each child’s age and abilities. The best puzzles for 2 year olds are ones with big chunky pieces, so little hands to maneuver the pieces and put them in the right place. Age 3 to 4 enjoy puzzles with 12 to 18-pieces, where 5 can handle 18 to 35 pieces puzzles.  With a little help they may even be able to do a 50 piece puzzle. When purchasing puzzles for younger children, character puzzles from their favorite TV shows and movies go over well. As they move to school age, they will enjoy more complex puzzles of 50–100 pieces or more. 3D puzzles tend to be great for older kids and teenagers. You can get 3D puzzles of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower which are great to display when completed.


Drop by cardinalgames.com today and tell us, what puzzle your child would add to their Christmas wish list.

About Cardinal Industries, Inc.

Long Island City, NY based Cardinal Industries was established over 60 years ago. The privately held company markets games and puzzles to mass market and specialty retailers in the United States and Canada, as well as to foreign branches of U.S. retailers and via distributors in countries throughout Europe. Cardinal’s private label products, licensed products, and traditional family games give it #2 market share in games and #1 market share in children’s puzzles in the U.S.

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4 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

  1. My daughter and husband both love doing puzzles! I actually hadn’t thought of these for a Christmas gift!

  2. A puzzle warehouse opened near my work, and the variety of puzzles is amazing. I find puzzles keep everyone engaged on cold, rainy or snowy days.

  3. my daughter enjoys puzzles too. she received 15 approx. from Costco. the only downside is that the pieces are very small.

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