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Unboxing For Keeps dolls

Barbie, it’s time to move on. Introducing a new generation of dolls that aim to inspire. In conversations about belonging, dolls play an important role.  The Loyal SubjectsTM (TLS) recently introduced a line of fashion dolls that carry the message of self-empowerment and positivity to children. Designed based on parents’ experiences with children, For Keeps dolls focus on how technology and social media influence children’s perception of their worth, gender stereotypes, and the imprinting of critical thinking patterns by age four.

For Keeps Dolls
This year, For Keeps, makes a great holiday gift! All of us need an uplifting, inspiring, positive moment, especially our children! For Keeps Dolls is one of the best ways to provide it.

A look at the dolls

For Keeps Dolls

There is Mia, the vet, Ella, the music producer, Emma, the filmmaker, Bella, the reporter, Sophia, the choreographer, and of course London and Paris, the Creatrix TwinsTM!

Each character has a tee with a powerful message like “YOU ARE LOVE”, “YOU CAN DO IT”, and “YOU ARE AWESOME”. Kids can swap out outfits and shoes between characters! For Keeps Dolls

As part of the package, you will also find an exclusive For KeepsTM memento: an autographed picture that reveals an exclusive glimpse at the character’s world.  A furry pal named Roxy joins For KeepsTM character Mia! The twins London and Paris are accompanied by their cats, Sasha and Shadow.  The For KeepsTM character can be posed if you wish: the translucent stand allows maximum posing.

The Cupcake KeepsakeTM, the ultimate note-passing box, comes with each For KeepsTM fashion doll! As a bonus, each doll has 20 affirmations that double as stickers! All you have to do is peel and stick! There is a stand included with each doll, and each doll stands 5.5″ tall!For Keeps Dolls

Our Thoughts

During the unboxing, we unboxed both Ella and Sophia.

Since my daughter had studied ballet, Sophia was the character she could most readily identify with.
Though she would also love to have Mia because she aspires to become a veterinarian in the future.
My daughter is hopeful that the line will expand to include additional dolls. Maybe an artist?

The dolls, in the opinion of my daughter, were adorable. They were a lot of fun to play with, and the dresses were gorgeous, she remarked. She particularly like the motivational stickers that each doll came with.

Check out The Loyal Subjects at and on Amazon this holiday season.
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