Shawn DesRochers

Shawn DesRochers

Shawn DesRochers is a certified Microsoft technician and Programmer with 20+ year’s experience. He has written many reviews on computer related products and software, as well as reviewed non computer products here at Today’s Woman. When he’s not writing reviews he can be found at Blogging Fusion Blog Directory - or running his in home computer business.


Santa came early this year. He brought me a 360fly Panoramic Waterproof HD Sports Camera that does just about everything, but fly on its own. I mean just that — this camera is incredible and it comes with so many features and options I just don’t know where to begin telling you about it. The 360Fly is more than just a camera; it’s a full HD Camera / Video Camera. You can capture videos in fu...

Home Security

What better gift to give this holiday season to loved ones then the gift of  peace of mind and home security.  After all our home is our castle, and your family is the most precious gift life can offer. I have always been a big fan of P2P Cloud Wifi Security Cameras, as they give the user so many options of keeping an eye on your home and property when you’re not home! Users familiar with Cloud Se...

Skylander SuperChargers Racing

As a father, I have been a huge fan of Activision Interactive games for many years now. Skylanders took over our home when my oldest daughter and son were young. As children, both my son and daughter were huge Spyro fans. They could play that game for hours and never get bored. I fondly remember playing countless hours of Spyro with my son- who is soon now about to be married. Every year brings a ...

: Tiggly - Holiday Gift guide

Tiggly aims to make learning fun by combining toy shapes. letters and numbers with apps for iPads or Android tablets. Tiggly shapes for ages 2 to 5, focuses on shapes, Tiggle Math, teaches basic math to kids ages 3 to 7 and the most advanced kit ” Tiggly Words” teaches early reading skills to kids 4 to 8-year-olds. Today we are going to look at both Tiggly Math and Tiggle Words. Tiggly...

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