6 Fictional Jobs That May Become Reality in the Future

Remember The Jetsons? This animated series, originally aired in the 1960s, featured plenty of futuristic gadgets. They automated most of the family’s work and household chores. Fast-forward more than half a century into the future, and some of those devices are a reality now. Flat screens, the Internet, video calls, smartwatches – all of them […]

Bringing the Spark Back to Marriage

Romance can stand the test of time and does not have to fizzle out or become transformed into a companionship/friendship type of love – as found in research by the American Psychological Association (APA). The study busts the myth that true happiness in relationships only exists during the ‘honeymoon’ or ‘velcro’ stage of a relationship and […]

4 Reasons to Cut Contact with Your Ex

Letting go of an ex-partner can feel difficult. Even if the relationship ended amicably, regular contact might be confusing, and it can even prevent you from moving forward with your life. While deleting an ex from your phone or unfollowing them on Facebook might seem extreme, it could be the best decision you ever make. […]

8 Best Reasons to Elope

Wedding Season is upon us. Many people are planning their nuptials that had to be postponed or cancelled last year due to the pandemic. While some are thankful they can have a larger wedding again, others are taking advantage of the new trend to have smaller weddings or to elope. Eloping isn’t just running off […]

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