Uneven breasts

5 Common Causes of Uneven Breasts

Uneven breasts are very common for females worldwide and it’s surprising just how many of us are affected by this. Regardless of how normal it is to have an asymmetrical chest, it can still take a toll on our self-esteem and negatively impact our emotional health. Below is a brief insight into some of the causes of uneven breasts, and some suggestions on how you can rediscover your confidence.


Hormonal Changes

It’s no secret that hormonal changes play a vital role when it comes to bodily changes. During puberty, hormonal activity soars and use estrogen to help us grow breasts. Unfortunately, one side may grow slightly quicker than the other or become a different shape, causing an asymmetrical appearance – This is known as juvenile breast hypertrophy and can cause distress and embarrassment.

These types of changes may also occur throughout the menstrual cycle when we also have an increase in our hormones. Luckily, for those struggling with confidence, there are quick fixes available, such as bra fillers. Not only do they hide any differences, but silicone bra fillers can also be great if you want to add some extra lift!

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

As mentioned above, hormonal changes can affect your breasts, and these fluctuations are more common if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. During childbirth, our amazing bodies go through an immense journey. Everyone is different and you may be more susceptible to permanent change depending on your age and size, but if your breasts haven’t returned to their pre-pregnancy appearance, it’s possible to see a surgeon if your mental health is being negatively impacted.

Weight Loss/Gain

As our bodies distribute fat, sometimes there is an uneven accumulation across certain areas – our breasts are one of them. This means that if we gain weight, it may cause different growth weights in our breasts. Conversely, this change in fat tissue can also occur when you lose weight and have the same effect. No matter your weight, you can help limit the effects by doing regular exercises that help your chest muscles develop. This will lift and encourage your breasts to be more symmetrical.

Breasts Injury

Certain types of injuries can lead to differing breasts – rib fractures, infections, tissue trauma, and nerve damage can all be contributors. The effects can be substantial or subtle, but it depends on the rate your body heals. Sometimes, injuries can result in non-cancerous lumps but if they appear, it’s still important to get them checked out by a medical professional anyway.

Genetic Factors

uneven breast

There are specific genetic factors that can mean some women are simply born with bodies that will develop asymmetrical breasts. Again, the differences can be significantly noticeable or slight. Studies show that it can be hereditary, so if your female relatives have uneven breasts, you will be more likely to have them too. Luckily, alongside bra fillers, you can also find specific bras that hide asymmetry.

Self-confidence and body positivity is the most important thing. It’s easy to focus on our insecurities, but the healthier mindset is to remember that we are individuals of all shapes/sizes and to embrace our unique beauty!

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