6 Benefits of Compress PDF file Tool to Businesses

Gogopdf compressor toolThe business world was forced to go paperless after the call to save nature intensified, and technology is useful to achieve it. Companies recurrently catch up with it by converting all paper documents to electronically transmitted files. In doing so, many embraced knowing how to convert PDF to JPG free or any document format. However, pdf files accumulate over time, too.

Thus, there is now a need to reduce PDF files to a smaller size to open up extra storage and access, share, and retrieve files quickly. Thanks to the Gogopdf website, you can now compress PDF files into smaller files without interfering with their quality. Other than that, their online tool has six other benefits to businesses, which we elaborated on below.

Easy Compressing

Yes, you read it right. One of the best features of Gogopdf’s PDF compressor is easy compressing. Even though this application’s makers used stricter codes and elements to serve its purpose, reducing size securely while keeping its quality and appearance, they kept the process user-friendly. To prove that, below are the steps on how to compress PDF files.


Step 1: Prepare your PDF files. Put them all in one folder in your device or Dropbox for easy access.

Step 2: Open your web browser and go to the Gogopdf website.

Step 3: Go to the compress PDF file tool, and proceed with either of the two following options:

  1. Click on the Select Files icon, and a pop-up window will open. Select the files you want to compress from there.
  2. Open the folder where you saved all your files for compression. Please select all the files, and drag and drop them into the compressed PDF file box.

Step 4: All files on the box will immediately be analyzed and compressed by the tool.

Step 5: Wait until the tool finishes the compressing process. After that, your new compressed PDF file is ready for download to your library, saving to your cloud drive, or sharing to your social media accounts.

Guaranteed Security

Businesses give maintenance of essential files the highest priority because a tiny disregard and their operational secrets may land in the hands of ill-intentioned competitors. Sensitive data of owners and incorporators may be sold to terrorists. Thus, everyone must take part in being careful of which online platforms to use for their documents.

Gratefully, by using strong passwords, you can protect your PDF files. Further, Gogopdf resizer or their tool that immediately compresses PDF files permanently obliterates all records on their servers, including those that were processed only on their site. For added security, you can protect the compressed PDF files by using a password.


Gogo PdfAll Compressed PDF files are suitable for emails 

Corporate workers always had a nuisance of too large digital documents taking up too much space on their hard drives’ memory or too large to share files or for sending electronically. Gratefully, the Gogopdf compression tool can process files with up to 1GB in size and reduce its size by up to 70% making it easier to share through email or other platforms.

Staff or users could be afraid that by reducing file size, your PDF file’s quality will be compromised. Then, don’t be. Gogopdf resizer uses sophisticated technology in reducing the size of these files. Their resizer is not just any ordinary easy-to-use tool but is also effective for users.


All platforms and operating systems supported

In the business world, time is of the essence, so industries aim for seamless business work or operation processes. It is one benefit PDF files offer to their users. Other than that, pdfs are also compatible with small devices or gadgets like tablets and smart mobile phones. Perfect convenience for everyone, especially during breaks and vacations.

PDF file resizer tools on their site and the end product it produces do not depend on what operating system a user has because it is based on a browser. Thus, it is complementary to major computer operating systems or OS, like the popular Linux, macOS, Unix, and Windows.


Furthermore, their tool is well-matched with the standard internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, thus, keeping the same file format. Therefore, missing out on a page will not be an issue anymore so everyone can go on the move doing more important tasks. All that and more with their online resizing tool.


GogopdfCompression tool working on cloud

Gogopdf boasts that their compressor or resizer pretty much does all its processing in the cloud, a popular internet-based system, everyone can use it conveniently, no matter where they are. All we need is the files we will compress, a device or gadget, and access to the internet, and compressing is good to go!

The use of the Gogopdf compressor tool to compress pdf files and reduce their size without distorting content or affecting the quality for free made them the best as compared to their competitors. Their cloud operating software is a good one.


The most significant tradeoff of businesses that they find relevant with file compression tools is that the more reduced the file size, the more quality is sacrificed. Fortunately, at Gogopdf, a PDF compression tool compresses files to the smallest size while keeping them in their highest quality. Whatever their reasons compress their PDF files, Gogopdf can aid them.


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