4-Port USB Charging Station

4-Port USB Charging StationToday every household has multiple smart devices; everything from tablets, smart phones, handheld gaming systems, digital cameras and of course charging banks to keep all those smart devices going all day. That leaves one with many cables and plugin devices to deal with! This holiday season why not gift the tech person you are shopping for a 4-Port USB charging station. This will allow them to clean up the clutter and gain control again.

The 4-Port USB charging station is a good fit for any family and is all great for traveling. Plus, it keeps all the devices in one main area of the house, so you know where they are when you need them. My wife is always misplacing her phone.

First thing I have to say is I love the design of the charging station. The station will easily accommodate any size phone, or tablet and the device cases.

When the 4-Port USB charging station is plugged in and in use, the plastic dividers will glow blue when charging letting you know they are in use.

This model has four ports, and it will work for Apple devices as well, but we recommend stocking up on a small pack of smaller cables to pair up with your devices, and the 4-Port USB charging station.

The 4-Port USB Charging Station is an independent 4-USB port, and requires no extra devices. You can charge up to 2 x Smartphone (1A) and 2 x Tablet (2.4A) simultaneously. This compact multi-USB charging station keeps everything in one place, which efficiently eliminates clutters and tangled wires while charging and saving space.

4-Port USB Charging StationPlus, one of the benefits of the charger is it only uses one plugin to activate all 4 ports. It’s also a true Plug-and-Play device so there is no software to install.

Another feature is its built-in over voltage, or over metered protection module. To ensure your devices never get a power surge or over heat while being docked on the 4-Port USB charging station.

Here is a list of other Features from the manufacture:
• Supports iPhone / iPad / cellphone / tablet PC / digital camera / MP3 / MP4 and other devices with DC 5V USB power input
• Provides four USB charging port for four devices charging or powering synchronously
• Provides 2 x DC 5V / 1A USB charging port for iPhone / cellphone and other devices required lower power supply
• Provides 2 x DC 5V / 2A USB charging port for iPad / tablet PC and other devices required high power supply
• Built-in overvoltage/overcurrent/leakage and short-circuit protection module
• This compact multi-USB charging station keeps everything in one place, which efficiently eliminates clutters and tangled wires while charging and save much space
• Plug and play, supports hot swap
• Input: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.6A
• Output: 5V / 4.4A (22W max)
• Power Cable Length: 1.5 meters
• Dimension: 155 x 126 x 30mm (approx.)

• Silver, White or Black

Package Contents:
• 1 x 4-Port USB Charging Station
• 1 x AC Adapter (100~240V, 50/60Hz)

Overall, the 4-Port USB charging station is a must have, especially for us. I may even purchase another one to use in my office to help with the battles of all those wires and cables always getting tangled.

It would even make a great Christmas gift for someone on your list this year. It is very compact and I love that it illuminates each docking bay if in use.

If I could choose one thing I dislike about the 4-Port USB charging station it would be the ability to charge a smart device wireless. Maybe that will be an update that will be included in future releases of the 4-Port USB charging station. Until than I am quite content with my 4-Port USB charging station and may try a 6 port later on.

Shop: https://usb.brando.com/

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