Micro Wheels Stunt Pack from Headstart

Micro Mini Cars Toys

Speed down the track and show off your stunts with the Micro Wheels Stunt Pack from Headstart. Your kids will love racing with these micro cars. It is the ultimate gift especially if you have multiple children to buy for in one household as they can race the cars against one another.

The Micro Wheels Stunt Pack includes everything kids need to race, including 2 cars, a track and a stunt loop.In the stunt pack is one visible car and one mystery card that you reveal once you open the garage.

Micro Mini Cars Toys

Micro Wheels Stunt Pack from HeadstartExtra micro wheel cars are available and sold separate in blind box garage capsules. There are over 30 micro cars for kids to collect in the Micro Wheels collection including twelve common vehicles, eight rare glow in the dark, eight translucent, and four special addition metallic. If you are lucky, you might find a special addition metallic car.

There is a guide on the back of the packaging that shows each of the different cars in the collection.Hold the glow in the dark car next to light for maximum glow.

You can connect the tracks together to form larger tracks. Putting the track together is simple and kids can do it with no help.

The way you race them is each micro car comes down the track. The first car to its garage is the winner.In fact the winner shuts all the other garage doors, which is pretty cool. When it comes to operation, the toy is easy to use. Simply pull back the car and let it go. The further you pull back the car the faster it goes.

Micro Wheels Stunt Pack from Headstart

There is no denying there are lots of fun to be had with Micro Wheels from Headstart. And the micro cars are not just for boys. Girls will have fun racing them too.

Ready, set, go!

To purchase Micro Wheels, visit: http://www.microwheelshq.com/

To purchase Micro Wheels, visit: http://www.microwheelshq.com/

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    Wow, the car really moves fast. This would make an awesome gift.

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    My little grandson is just about the age for this fun set !

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    So neat! My son would love this!

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    This looks like a lot of fun, all of my grandchildren would love this, in fact all kids love any type of a race track! would make an awesome gift!!


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