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Top 10 Pregnancy gifts for first time moms

Do you have a friend or family member expecting a new baby soon? Are you struggling to come up with ideas about what gift you should give? Here is some inspiration to help you find the perfect gift for the new mom and her baby. We have put together a list of the top pregnancy gifts for first time moms.


  1. Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials

While it might not sound very glamorous, giving a new mom a pack of extra modern reusable nappies and extra muslins for any messes can be a very meaningful gesture.  Sure, she’s most likely already got what she needs to care for her newborn but running low and not having time to go to the store can be stressful when looking after a young life, so having a couple of backups could make a lighthearted yet thoughtful gift. Of course, you know your friend best, so if you think this might not appeal to her as a gift then keep reading.


  1. Clothes for Mom


Moms’ bodies change drastically during and after pregnancy so it’s no surprise that the wardrobe might see a lot of change in that time. To help out your friend, discreetly ask her if she’d appreciate some clothes to support her baby bump or comfy socks for her sore feet. Being there to commiserate with her about the pregnancy pain might even be enough of a gift, who knows.


  1. Clothes for Baby

baby clothes

All mothers appreciate receiving clothes for their new baby since babies grow so quickly and buying enough to keep them warm and safe can cost a lot of money. If you love the idea of contributing to a tiny stylish wardrobe, why not give a piece of clothing? These cute newborn outfits are sure to inspire you to find something beautiful and unique as a precious gift for both mom and baby.


  1. A Special Toy


Sometimes the gift you give to a newborn isn’t for their use at the moment, but for further down the line. Finding a special toy such as a personalized teddy bear or engraved rattle could create a precious memory for the child as they grow up, always connecting their special gift with the person they received it from.


  1. An Heirloom


If you have a very close connection with the baby’s parents, a family heirloom might just be the perfect gift. The meaning behind giving away a part of family history makes the gift all the more special, regardless of what it actually is. Just make sure that you are truly willing to part with it and that you have permission from other family members to give it away.


  1. Something Handmade

Knit Cap

Make something using your own skills to give to your friend or their baby. Maybe you could cross stitch a decoration or paint a picture for the baby’s nursery. The personal touch will go a long way. Even if you aren’t particularly crafty or arty, your efforts will mean a lot to your friend.


  1. Advice Books


While some new mothers don’t like the idea of other people giving unsolicited parenting advice, maybe your friend would appreciate a couple of books about the excitement of raising a little life. Opt for more lighthearted and playful books rather than prescriptive and clinical ones. This will show your friend that you aren’t trying to tell her how to raise her child, just that you understand motherhood is tough and a little help goes a long way.


  1. Comforts


Motherhood is not a comfortable business. By getting your friend something that makes her feel less tense or uncomfortable, you can be sure to impress. Choose some quality chocolates, a scented candle, or a luxuriously soft blanket to help make her life just that little bit more relaxing.


  1. Your Time

Pregnancy gifts for first time moms

Becoming a new mother takes a lot of energy and time. Your friend is most likely run off her feet trying to juggle life while caring for her new baby. If you can spare some time and alleviate the pressure for her, the gift of being there might just be the most appreciated gift of all.


…And Don’t Forget the Siblings


If the new baby is not your friend’s first child, there’s a chance the older children might feel a bit left out when their mom and the new sibling is getting all the attention. Although learning to share attention with their younger siblings is an important part of development, it can make the transition smoother if you include a small gift for the older child or children. A small toy, book or edible treat can go a long way to easing the tension a young child might feel in the event of a new baby sibling coming along to steal the show.

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