Cubinati Pyraminx Speed Cube from aGreatLife

Speed Cube Cubinati Pyraminx - The Ultimate Brain Teaser for KidsJust in time for the holidays is a new generation of Rubik’s Cube from aGreatLife. These aren’t the same cubes that you received in your stocking back in the 80s. aGreatLife Cubinati Pyraminx Speed Cube will create a challenge that will leave your head spinning.

Like the classic Rubik’s cube you remember so fondly from your childhood,  you scramble the colours and then return them to the original pattern of four single-coloured sides. Unlike the old cubes though the pyranminnx cube won’t jam on you; no matter how fast you’re going.The stickers also don’t fall off, so some huge improvements there.

The Cubinati Pyraminx Speed Cube not only provides hours of challenging game play, but it’s also an excellent way to improve your memory, and develop your dexterity and cognitive skills.

How to solve the Pyraminx Speed Cube

In 2003, Andy Bellenir solved the Pyraminx speed in 14.09 seconds. These days the best results range from 1 to 3 seconds, but the World record is under one second, set by Dominik Górny of Poland. Solving a Pyraminx is much easier than a Rubik’s Cube. Sadly though if you came here hoping for answers on how to solve the Pyraminx Speed Cube, please keep searching. I gave up trying after a few minutes. I admit that I don’t have the patience. In fact, my husband had to fix mine after I messed it up. It took him 20 min to solve it.

Speed Cube Cubinati Pyraminx - The Ultimate Brain Teaser for Kids

Despite my inability to solve the Cubinati Pyraminx Speed Cube, I still believe the cube is a nice addition to ones brain game collection.  Plus, it’s an affordable gift that gets kids and adults back to the basics and away from electronics.

If you’re looking for intellectually stimulating games and toys on a budget, then look no further then aGreatLife. The company aims to help families build priceless memories through their newly designed classic toys.


Can you solve the cube?




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