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How an Air Mattress Helps in Relieving Back Pain

Air MattressEver found yourself in la-la land as soon as you hit the bed? Or do you find yourself tossing and turning unable to sleep? What determines which consequence of sleep you attract to yourself is what you sleep on (your mattress) and how you sleep on it (your posture).

Sleeping on a bad mattress for a long period of time can lead to insomnia accompanied by a whole lot of body pains, especially in the back and waist region. Fortunately, just as certain mattresses bring about pains; others relieve them. An example of such a pain-relieving mattress is an air mattress. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the relationships between air mattresses and back pain. Below I will explain how an air mattress helps in relieving back pain.

Mattresses as potential causes of back pain.

It is no news that the materials on which we sleep; our mattresses, have their pros and cons. The pros are its positive impact on us when we derive adequate sleep (at least enough sleep to take us through the four sleep stages) and its cons which could possibly out way the pros by a considerable amount when we choose to sleep on ‘bad mattresses’.

When searching for the best inflatable mattresses for a bedroom, a basic criterion is it being flat and comfortable, unlike a poor option characterized by its curvy nature that leads to increased tossing while asleep. You know what this is: a potential cause of back pain. This is where air mattresses come in.

The mechanism behind air mattresses.

I must confess; it possesses a quite simple mechanism. They are both inflatable and adjustable. As well as being designed with top-notch materials such as polyvinyl chloride(PVC), air mattresses are manufactured using reinforced textile urethane. The process of textile reinforcement is one which renders the air mattress more durable, firmer, puncture-proof, and of course costlier.

Air mattress also possesses a nozzle through which it is either inflated or deflated. If you want to enjoy your rest on an air mattress, always ensure the nozzle is closed before you sleep as leaving it even partially opened can make you wake up on the floor the next morning.

Back pain

back painWe all know the reason we have back pain is the constant tossing we have on our curvy beds. I would preferably refer to them as bad beds. Do you know why the doctor would ask you to lie down flat on the floor when you have back pain, stressing you have to keep your back and neck straight? It is to align your spine and your neck, alleviating the pain. But, would you rather spend the whole night on the floor just to get away with back pain when you could just get an air mattress? Obviously not!  Conventional mattresses aren’t that flat to accommodate people with back and neck pains. However, air mattresses are designed to be inflatable- in other words, completely flat, firm, and comfortable. In fact, it would not be out of bounds to declare air mattresses as the best inflatable mattress for a bedroom.

Also, the firmness of a bed is a contributing factor to the back pain most individuals experience. However, the firmness of a bed must not be to the extreme- neither too firm nor less firm- howbeit, could potentially be a cause of back pain. Even each person has their own taste of bed firmness. Unfortunately, Conventional beds do not have a means of deriving an adjustable firmness. Luckily, air mattresses do! Yes, it is possible to get your desired firmness by just moderating the amount of air pumped in through the nozzle.

Wrapping up,

Caring for your air mattress is as important as acquiring one. Always keep the air nozzle closed, ensure you fold it carefully to avoid generating holes as well proper cleaning to eliminate dirt. Taking these precautions could render your air mattress durable.

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  1. I found myself tossing and turning and unable to get a goodnights sleep and it was because of my mattress. Since buying a new mattress my back pain is gone !

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