Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina

Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina

This Christmas give your daughter the memory of Baby Alive. It was in 1973 that the fine folks at Hasbro introduced Baby BabyAlive,-a doll “that eats, drinks and wets.” The doll’s mechanical mouth could be spoon-fed packets of food mixed with water, which the doll would then chew, before ending up in the doll’s diaper. There was a lever in her back that you’d move up and down to make the baby “swallow” the food. Without revealing my true age, I had one of the first Baby Alive dolls ever manufactured. Today Hasbro offers Baby Alive dolls with a great variety of other play scenarios than dolls that just eat and wet. New for Christmas 2015 from Hasbro is Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina.

Intended for children 3 years and up, Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina comes with not one, but 5 hair accessories for creating all sorts of different hairstyles. Your daughter can add color to her doll’s hair with the hair extension. Then use the star-shaped barrette for holding her hair in place. There’s also a comb and a brush for making sure the doll’s hair looks its best. The included hair dryer makes pretend dryer sounds when you press the button.

Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina offers girls a new baby playing experience. Not only does it install classic nurturing play, but she is also the perfect dramatic play accessory allowing little girls to play beauty salon. It should be noted that neither the shoes nor panties come off, but her dress is removable.

What I love about Baby Alive dolls in general is that they are available in different skin tones. I really think that’s important so little mommy’s can culturally identify with the dolls. Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina is available in Blonde, Brunette, and African-American styles

If you are looking for a doll for your little girl to enjoy this Christmas there is nothing quite like a Baby Alive doll. The Baby Alive doll line provides many excellent choices. With so many variations in Baby Alive dolls you will be sure to find one she loves.

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