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How to Introduce A New Dog to Your Family

Pets make excellent family members. Dogs, in particular, are some of the most popular pets due to their vivacity and affection for their human family. Getting one can entirely change your family in more ways than one, especially for a family who has never had a dog or a pet before.

Have a new dog you want to bring home to your family? Here are some tips on introducing your new pup to your family.


Look for the Perfect Time and Condition

Rescue dog

You can immediately introduce your dog to your family by bringing it home. But it is always better if the dog is prepared to come home and your family and house are ready to receive the new pet. One of the first things you need to do is inform your loved ones beforehand to prepare them unless you want to present the dog as a surprise.

The next thing you need to know is to plan out how you’d like to house the dog. You will have to adjust your home, at least part of it, for accommodations. Consider buying supplies in advance, like dog beds, toys, food, a grooming kit, and more.

Besides the house and the family members, sometimes you need to prepare the dog, too. Maybe the dog you want to take in permanently is recovering from an illness, an accident that still needs treating, or is infested with ticks or fleas.

In some cases, it might be better if the dog can recover from their situation first before it comes home. Or yet, you should isolate it in an area in your home where it can be treated safely or adequately. Whether it’s a serious medical condition or a mild infestation that you can easily address with a low cost dog flea treatment, it helps to tackle any health concerns first to ensure that your family and the dog won’t be put at risk.

Always get to know the dog and what it needs so you and your family can know how to cater to whatever situation it’s in.


Involve your Family Members In Activities

benefits of having a dog at home

One of the ways you can get your family used to your new pet is to involve them in taking care of the dog. It could be as simple as having them prepare the dog’s sleeping area, feed it, or even ask for suggestions to name it.

What is important when you do this is that you get your family to understand that once your new pet dog sets foot -or, rather, paw- into your house, there will be changes in the household. Specifically, there will be new responsibilities in taking care of the dog.

Regular feeding, bathing a couple of times a month, and routine walks are new chores you and your loved ones must do.


Slowly Get the Dog Accustomed to Your House

Dogs are required to be microchipped by law

When your dog finally comes home, you could keep it in one area of the house and gradually let it soak up the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures around it. The more stimuli there may take time for the dog to get used to the new environment.

The dog’s time to get used to the new home can vary per animal. However, it is generally agreed that it may take from three days, three weeks to three months for dogs, either puppies or adults, to be comfortable and feel at home.

Puppies, in particular, may feel upset and lonesome in their first few days and cry at night. This is normal behavior for them, but the more they get used to their forever home, the more cheerful they become.

You can let your dog explore by itself, but it would also help if you and your family were active participants. You can do several things, like letting the dog recognize your scent and playing with them using toys they are intended to use. Interacting with your new pet will serve as a reference for the dog, particularly regarding how it can interact with you.


Expose to Current Pets

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Do you have other existing pets in the household? Are they also dogs, or not? Are you worried about them not getting along? It can be a cause of concern when pets do not get along.

There are factors on how dogs would get along, such as sex, personality, and even size. It is said that opposite-sex pairs can get along better than same-sex ones or that the smaller dog is at risk of getting hurt when playing with a giant dog. Knowing how they interact is key to identifying how to make them get along.

Firstly, you must introduce the new pet to the current pets in a safe space. Second, let them interact, allow them to get each other’s scent, and let them play. Reward them when the interaction is fruitful.

If you think there is conflict and they do not get along well, you can seek help from a trainer.


In Conclusion

Taking in a dog generally takes a lot of work. Make sure your family is there to help, let the dog get to know the home and everyone else living there, and, more importantly, check your dog’s reactions to everything. Getting to know the dog better is necessary to find out the best course of action in caring for it.

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