Necklace Trends

5 Necklace Trends of 2022 To Add To Your Jewellery Box

Author: Elizabeth O’Brien

When it comes to choosing an accessory that makes an impact, necklaces are one of the most popular items.There is also a lot more to adding a necklace to an outfit than simply putting one on. Like all accessories in the world of fashion, necklaces have their trend and their own rules, which means that you can bring an outfit into 2022 simply by changing the necklace you wear with it. Interestingly, one of the core trends that has made itself known in neck-wear in the last few years are lab-grown jewels, as more people become aware of the black market around certain gems. So, what are some of the other necklace trends in 2022? Read on to find out!

Heart Pendants

Heart Pendants

Yes, the traditional heart-shaped pendant has made its way back into the fashion rotation, as more people become open about their relationships and affection for other people. However, a heart necklace or pendant doesn’t have to indicate affection for another person. Many people use them as a symbol of their faith, with some of the most popular women’s Christian necklaces having hearts scattered throughout them, showcasing the closeness of the wearer to their religion and their God.

Of course, a key advantage of a heart pendant or necklace is that they come in a range of designs. Some will contain gems, which were touched on earlier, and some will be a single unit of metal shaped into a heart.

Big Stones

Necklace Trends

It is an intriguing trend that has been seen in Vogue and other fashion magazines; the use of raw or rough cut stones in the latest necklaces.

Of course, there has been an increase in the size of the diamonds and other precious jewels used to make necklaces and pendants since the beginning of 2022. However, many fashion brands are sporting the use of rough stones like amethyst and labradorite as part of the overall shape of the pendant.

Long Necklaces

Long Necklaces

Technically, a long necklace is a pendant and yes, pendants are coming back on-trend. This is great, as it means you can layer different types of pendants together to arrive at a unique look each time you wear them. And of course, you can mix up silver, bronze, and gold pendants to make an impact if you want to.



A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and what is more beautiful than a pearl? A string of them! Pearls in a range of blue, pink, and even purple hues are becoming more popular in 2022, they add a timeless look to any outfit and allow you to even add a retro 1950s aspect to your outfit. Pearls are also bold enough to spruce up an outfit for a party or to wear in the workplace, as they are the most versatile stone.

Link Necklaces


Link Necklaces

Think of a traditional chain link, make it about 10 times bigger and shorter, and you have the link necklaces that are once again being seen in Vogue and collections like Karen Millen and Gucci. They can be any color, any material such as plastic, gold, or silver, but one thing is for sure – they are the ultimate statement necklace!

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