Pet Product Reviews

Whelping room

Congratulations, your dog is about to have puppies. If she is about 7 weeks into her pregnancy now may be a good time to get your whelping room ready. A whelping room is where your pregnant dog will give birth to her litter of puppies. The whelping room should be in an area that is quiet and free of distractions. There are many options to consider for whelping boxes. When our dog was giving birth ...[Read More]

German Shepherd

It is best to start training your German Shepherd when they are about eight weeks old.  Early training will aide in shaping your bond with your dog and shaping their personality to your liking. The main point to remember is to keep the training positive. There are several dog training methods that can be used. In this article we will talk about using a collar or a harness for your German Shepherd ...[Read More]

Van Ness

This upcoming holiday season when shopping for your loved ones don’t forget your beloved fur babies. After-all, they give you unconditional love. The Self warming pet and crate carrier mat from Van Nes  captures your pet’s body heat and radiates back the warmth, offering comfort to your pet. The Van Ness – Self warming Pet Crate and Carrier Mat moisture-wicking and quick-dry cons...[Read More]

Doggie Couture Shop,

No one is more deserving of a great gift this holiday season than man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Doggie Couture Shop has many inexpensive gift ideas for your dog that are perfect for expressing your love. If your dog is the playful type and enjoys new toys, then a Peppermint Penguin, Santa tug rope or a crocheted snow man might be the perfect gift.  For my son’s dog Tess, this Fun, cr...[Read More]

Make sure your pet doesn’t feel left out this Christmas with a gift from Van Ness. Family owned and operated for over 70 years, Van Ness has been a leader in providing quality, pet products that fit the needs of pets and provide a great value for you, the pet parent. The Perfect Dog Gift Basket A DYI dog gift basket is a wonderful idea. It can be tailor made to suit any dogs age, size, breed...[Read More]

Van Ness Beautiful Dreamer pet bed for your dog or cat

It’s a dog’s life — and a pampered one at that. Whether your dog is a lounger, a leaner or a cuddlier, the brand new Van Ness Beautiful Dreamer pet bed will be pure luxury for your dog on Christmas morning, as the vision of turkey and all the trimmings go dancing trough his/her head. Each pet bed is made from premium materials and are knit, cut, sewn and filled in the USA. There are 5 sizes of pet...[Read More]

How to Make a Doggie Birthday Cake Making a dog-appropriate birthday cake is a fun way to celebrate Fido’s special day. Introducing the first ever microwavable doggie birthday cake that will have your dog wagging his tail and begging you for more. You can make this cake in 3 min or less! I was taken by how simple this Doggie Birthday Cake was to make. It was so easy, that even a child could ...[Read More]

Celebrating Easter with Your Dog It is not too late to make sure your dog has a hoppin’ good time this Easter. Why not treat your pet to their own special basket of goodies? Instead of an Easter basket use a personalized pet bowl or a new pet bed. Then fill it with a few Carob Bunnies Treats , a new spring collar or leash and finally a stuffed toy – like the Squeaky Bunny Plush Dog Toy, or a...[Read More]

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