Dog Engaged

Keep Your Dog Engaged and Happy With These Tricks

Play is very important to dogs and can improve their quality of life. So it can be quite frustrating when you have to get busy, so you need to leave your furry friend all alone. And when they get bored, it’s not uncommon for them to start chewing up your sofa and shoes. You don’t want that. So, whether you have to cook dinner, spend productive hours in your home office, or go grocery shopping, here are smart ways to keep your dog engaged.

Find the treats

Dog treats

Dogs enjoy nose work games, and they’re one of the easiest ways to tire out your furry friend. When you make your dog play some nose work games like “find the treats,” you’re encouraging them to hone in on their natural skills, an excellent way to stimulate the pet. The best part is, for a game like find the treat, you don’t need much.

Let the dog watch in a “stay” position as you place some treats (could be some chopped-up carrots or beef) around the house. Ensure they know what game you’re trying to play, and let them sniff out the treats. By the time they’re done, they will be exhausted and ready to nap, instead of chewing your furniture.

Give your dog a stuffed kong

Dog Kong

Stuffed Kongs are a quick hack to keeping your dog busy because they are so easy to prepare. You can simply stuff a Kong with your dog’s favorite treat and make the dog work to access the food. Or else, stuff the Kong with broth or peanut butter and place it in a freezer overnight. When leaving the house, give the Kong to your dog.

A stuffed kong is an excellent way to make your furry friend work for their food. When frozen, it can keep the dog busy for over 30 minutes to reach and eat the treat. Dogs are natural scavengers, so making them work for their food isn’t mean

Try a bully stick

bully stick

Giving your dog a bully stick is another excellent way to entertain your furry friend while you work. It’s like making them work for their food, but this time, the food is right in the open, just tough enough to make them chew for hours. In case you’re asking what is a bully stick, it’s 100% real meat, just dried to give your dog a long chew. What’s more, your pet will love it.

So next time you’re leaving your canine friend, throw them a bully stick. They’ll so be engrossed they wouldn’t know you were ever gone

Play a game of fetch

Dog Engaged

Busy with work or dinner but your dog wants to play? Sure, let them help by fetching things! For example, ask them to get something from the fridge. This will warrant that you first teach your dog how to play fetch and identify the name of each item. So when you say, “Bingo, fetch the Kong!” they know what to bring.

You may also need to teach them how to open the fridge. It may sound like a lot of work, but teaching your dog how to identify and fetch items by name is great mental stimulation for them. Plus, imagine how impressed your friends will be when they see your four-legged buddy helping you out in the kitchen.


You are your dog’s best source of entertainment. But sometimes, you just can’t be available to play. When that happens, leverage the tricks discussed in this article to keep your furry friend engaged.

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