Make-A-Fort Review

Make-A-Fort Review

Forts have always provided countless hours of fun. With our world turned upside down due to Covid 19, a fort provides an extra layer of comfort to a child. Not to mention a fort engages children in unplugged play and hands-on activities. It is the perfect Steam engineering activity that improves fine motor skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. While I believe old-fashioned homemade forts are the best,  Make-A-Fort Build Kit takes a child’s fort-building skills to a whole new level. The kit comes with 18 sturdy cardboard panels, 10 braces, 80 connectors and a handy carrying case.


Make-A-Fort building kits

Make-A-Fort building kits allow solo or sibling play to create incredible structures with or without a parent’s help. Each adventure with Make-A-Fort raises the critical thinking, social, and leadership skills of a child. As mini-engineers, children will be able to come up with creative ways to design their fort. Your child can build houses, castles, mazes, and tunnels; there are endless possibilities of what they can build with this engaging kit!

How to make a fort for kids


First you will need to pop out the connectors and braces before building. The kit includes a detailed colored instruction booklet to get kids started. A fort is really easy to assemble. Each panel has groves cut out where the connectors and braces fit into. Simply insert a connector into the red slot (for more sturdy connection) or into the yellow slot and connect a second panel. Then go from there. The braces insert in the same way the connectors do. Each brace has cut out slots. Each panel is over six times stronger than typical shipping box cardboard, therefore it is sure to hold up to your child’s rough play.



The Arts

Children can truly make the fort their own as each cardboard panel has designs on it that can be colored providing hours of relaxation through creative expression. The other side of the panel is a blank canvas allowing children to come up with something unique that fits their own personal style. Coloring in the designs also provides a perfect time to bond with your child through coloring, so pull out those Crayola crayons.



Make-A-Fort building kits implements math into play as your child will need to figure out how many panels, connectors and braces they will need when building their fort.

Our Thoughts


My daughter is eight and had no trouble assembling the fort on her own. She refers to the kit as a big Lego set. One kit was actually a good starting point for us. From only one kit, there were a few different configurations she could make the fort into.If you want to make larger structures I do suggest investing in two kits, but even one kit provided a lot of options. We actually divided our one kit between our house and our neighbors house so that our neighbors grandsons could make a fort.Box cubicle

Fort Dog House

The first thing my daughter made was a dog house for our dog with just a few pieces of the kit. She also made a mini cubicle with some pieces for remote learning, which I thought was pretty creative. There is so much potential for many fun and creative games to be played with Make-A-Fort.

When play time was over my daughter took the fort apart and packed it back into the box to store until the next time she uses it.

Be sure to take a look at all of the fort kits as well as the different configurations on the company’s website. Happy building!

make a fort

About Make-A-Fort

Childhood pleasures include building and playing inside really big forts, castles, mazes, and tunnels! Just like their ever-expanding line of kits, Fall 2021 is the season this toymaker launches a new website with crisp designs, new products, testimonials, multiple languages, and multiple currencies. See what’s coming and make pre-orders for U.S., Canada and European shipments at Follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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7 thoughts on “Make-A-Fort Review

  1. I loved the idea my son was able to make a fort. I just feel the material isn’t strong enough and didn’t have enough black form to Hold it up . Everyday I’m rebuilding it because fort keeps caving in. It could have been better Quality.

  2. Its a good idea, but its nothing really original?? But l was really setback — when I checked the price Rose, it says its $80+ dollars ?? Pardone me for being blunt but children have been playing with cardboard boxes since the end of time…. I think l will head down to my local furniture store and pick a FREE fridge or Stove box and let my kids go nuts. My kids would be “just-as-happy” with that and they could color it or paint it too. The Make-A-Fort resembles a pizza box lid with cut outs that you could do your self, by heading to your local dollar store and buying foam pucks. How do they explain the cost of this product when its probably already recycled material…

    Well thats my opinion and I am sure many other parents would agree.

  3. When I was young, 60 yrs ago, I had a cardboard playhouse that I loved! When I saw this I thought how much fun it would be for my grandkids and I to color it and have it at my house to play in.I went to the website just for the hell of it to maybe order one $77 USD are you kidding me?I can purchase a cheaper one or have grandpa make one out of a washer box or buy one on Amazon for half this price. Check out the Home depo video on how to how to create a deluxe cardboard playhouse.

  4. This is pretty cool. My son and his dad made a box fort out of a bunch of cardboard boxes we had from moving.

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