How To Tighten Up Your Skin

Loose skin is something that we can experience at any age, but as we get older, it is much more common. But why is that? The ageing process means that we How To Tighten Up Your Skinproduce much less collagen as time goes by, and we usually start to notice the effects after we turn 30. As skin becomes looser, it can take on a crepe-like type of appearance, which can be unpleasant to some but is also completely natural.

This piece will discuss some of the ways in which you can tighten up your skin to encourage a smoother, firmer, texture. This can help things like the application of makeup and skincare, hair removal, and other day to day beauty processes.

Get MoisturisingGet Moisturising

Moisturising is one of the most important factors when it comes to our skin remaining tight and plump. As we get older, many of us will experience the signs of dehydrated and dry skin due to all sorts of different factors. These can include, but are not limited to, a change in hormones, decreased cell renewal, and a much lower ability to produce natural oils. These factors can make our skin appear a little looser and less firm than it could look. Layering hydrating products such as rich moisturiser and hydrating essences’ such as hyaluronic acid can help keep water and moisture locked into your skin, giving it a smoother and plumper appearance. That being said, it is absolutely vital that you drink enough water everyday too, as it is important to stay hydrated from the inside out!



Exercise is a great way to tighten up skin and create a firmer look. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, loose skin that has been stretched out is inevitable, but specific exercises such as weights or those focused on toning can help bring that skin in. This is, of course, best done alongside the weight loss for the best results, but even those who have worked their muscles well and tighten their skin diligently might be left with some loose skin they cannot get rid of without intervention. If this is the case, and it makes you uncomfortable, causes you pain, or makes you unhappy, you could consider surgery to remove excess skin or tighten up your hard work to the next level. Find out more at Her Online World.

Get Massaging

Get Massaging

Massages are not just for when you want to relax, they also offer a whole host of health benefits such as lymphatic drainage, improving your circulation, and affecting the appearance of your skin. Massage can help firm up the skin by increasing blood flow, which helps create an anti-ageing response from the body. This can work in any area, including your face, and is a safe, non-invasive, beneficial way of improving your skin.

To ramp up the effects, you could also use a proven firming agent such as retinol or vitamin C – just be sure to do a test patch as active ingredients can sometimes cause reactions on sensitive skin.

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