Best Home Setups for Esports Career

Gaming is an enjoyable way to relax and have fun at the same time. The gaming industry has gone through numerous changes, all of which are attributed to technological development. The rise in Esports, for instance, has been greatly attributed to the increased penetration of the internet to many places in the world hence an increase in gamers.

Esports Career

Esports has also become one of the popular betting options on the best  Sportbooks. Starting up an E-sports career calls for a little investment in your home to have the right setup that is suitable for a gamer. Here we discuss various setups for Esports enthusiasts:

Gaming Chair


If you are looking at going into Esports as a career, most of your time will be spent on the chair. Here are qualities of a good gaming chair:

Back Support

The most important element of a gaming chair is the back support, as it aligns your spine, making you comfortable and avoiding back injuries. A good gaming chair should have room for adjustment such that you can adjust the angle of the seat as required since you are going to spend long hours on the seat.

Adjustable Armrests

Armrests are important components of the gaming chair as they help in the positioning of your hands. A chair that has directional armrests is preferred for gaming as it can move in all directions for optimal support.

Adjustable Cushions

Adjustable cushions are ideal for a gaming chair as they aid in the correct positioning of the body as you play. The adjustable cushions feature a headrest cushion and pillows attached to the back for comfortably.


The right type of fabric is essential for a gaming chair. For warm environments, it is advisable to use mesh as it allows for breathing and is cool. In cold environments, it is advisable to use leather or fabric as it helps keep the chair warm.

Make Everything Red, Green, and Blue

Commonly referred to as RGB, making your color schemes and lighting red, green, and blue are preferred in the gaming world. You can customize the following accessories to help in attaining the perfect RGB gaming room:

PC Cabinet

A PC cabinet is an important component of a gaming setup. The cabinet houses the headsets, gaming keyboards, and other additional gaming accessories. The PC cabinet should be designed in such a way that it lights up all the components on the inside.


A gamer’s room should have the perfect RGB-decorated walls. This can be achieved using RGB lighting strips or bulbs, which ensure the perfect RGB décor.


gaming chair

It is important to select gaming chairs that have an aspect of RGB lighting on the headrest, back, and seats, which improve the lighting and creates the ambiance of the perfect gaming room.


Ensure you include an RGB theme on the floor by using lighted tiles or using LED light strips with an RGB color scheme to cover your entire floor.

Choose the Right Webcam

Quad HD webcam

Esports is an interactive form of gaming that requires webcam connectivity for you to connect with other users. This means that a webcam is one of the essential components of a gaming setup. Therefore, it is important to choose a webcam with the highest quality of pictures that you would want to use. It is also important to check for the resolution of the images.

This calls for basic knowledge to differentiate between 720,1080, and 4K resolution levels. For instance, a Quad HD webcam, also known as 4K, offers (4.720 pixels) and is quite expensive compared to other webcams with lower resolutions. A 720-pixel webcam is among the lowest in terms of resolution but can still be used for light streaming as it is cheaper and affordable for many.

The Perfect Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk

The perfect gaming desk is ideal for success in the Esports career. Take the following into consideration before selecting a gaming desk:

Tall or long

Depending on your gaming habits and console type, you need to decide if a tall or long desk suits you. It is important to measure the desk before buying it to ensure it fits correctly in your gaming room.


Gaming Desk

Gaming desks with compartments where you can safely store your gaming appliances are preferred.


Depending on your gaming space, you should select a gaming desk with a shape that is compatible with your room. The L-shaped desk is ideal for a big room as it has a large surface area and a lot of working space.

Picking Out a Headset


For a more immersive experience, it is important to pick out the best headset. Wireless headsets are preferred as it is possible to multitask when gaming. It is also important to go for headsets that are compatible with a wide variety of gaming appliances.

Considering all the discussed aspects of a gaming room, you are guaranteed the ultimate home setup for your Esports career. Practice, believe in yourself, and network as you create your esports career.


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