Little You 3D Custom anime figure maker

Little You is an excellent tool that inspires children to conceptualize and design avatars. Many teachers have used Little You in the classroom to stimulate learning. Once the character is designed, with advanced 3D printing technology, the company prints the charter bringing it to life. Little You offers three materials for printing, the Full-Color Sandstone, […]

Angels On Your Pillow Tea

According to Ram Randhawa, a psychiatrist at the University of British Columbia’s Sleep Disorders Program, 30 per cent of Canadians struggle with getting to or staying sleep at any given time. If you are one of those Canadians Angels On Your Pillow may help improve sleep and promote relaxation. Designed to aid in sleep, Angels […]

Basd Body Care- Goodbye Winter Dry Skin

Baby, it’s cold outside! With winter comes dry, flaky, itchy, cracked, uncomfortable, and unattractive skin issues. Show their skin some extra care this winter season with a gift from Canadian skincare company Basd. There all-natural, feel-good products contain plant-based ingredients—like organic aloe vera juice, coconut oil, and shea butter. Basd products are perfect for individuals […]

My Squishy Little Dumplings

These Squishy Little Dumplings are fun electronic dolls, which work like blind dolls, only showing their dumpling head at first. Once you remove their feet stand, you can squeeze your dumpling’s cheeks and they will pop out their little body. There are four different My Squishy Little Dumplings to collect plus Dart the limited edition […]

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