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Having a dream renovation project can be an exciting but daunting experience, whether it is a property you have intentionally brought in order to completely change, add on to, or dismantle – or whether it is your own home that you feel needs to be larger (or that the layout requires some serious attention). It is important that you go in with your eyes wide open and that you do not try to cut corners or scrimp on areas where the money, would for the sake of stress, headaches, and tension, be well spent.

Getting the help of professionals and those with expertise may set you back a bit financially, but they could also save you a lot of time and money in the long term.

This can also be said of when you are thinking about your finishing touches. Make sure to plan your renovation in detail so that you are aware of what fixtures and fittings you want where, and have an idea of the price you would like to pay, and that is totally realistic. This will save time when you have your contractors ready to complete their job roles and that they are not hanging around waiting for you to make up your mind.

#1 Architects

You may feel that an architect is an extra expense that you can ill afford if you do not need to have one and that you are better off saving the money for other areas of your project rather than hiring the services of a qualified architect to oversee your renovation, this can be a really big mistake.

Although it is not always a necessity to have an architect on board for your renovation project, you would be surprised at how helpful and useful having one to hand actually is. If they are local to the area within which your renovation is or are within the same state, they will know about any restrictions you may have to work around as well as any state laws.

They will also be able to guide your renovation and keep it on track, knowing the best suppliers and maybe even knowing a good and reliable team of contractors to carry out your work for you.

#2 Contractors


If you are choosing to hire your own contractors to carry out the renovation work on your new property, then it is a good idea to get at least three quotes from different contractors so that you can compare the differences in price, advice, and labor. Make sure that you only accept written quotes rather than verbal ones. Verbal quotes are known to change, and not just on prices quoted but also on work that has been agreed, so you could end up paying for less work than you bargained for.

However, should you find a good team of contractors, you may find that they not only get the work done quickly and to an outstanding standard, but they could help you source items for your renovation either at a better price than is available to the public or a much better quality of manufacture. This is true of the top-quality plumbing supplies that are available from the Carr Company. You may find that it is highly beneficial to get a major business such as the Carr Company involved with your build from an early stage to see if there is anything that they can do for you with regards to supplying all your plumbing needs for your complete renovation project.

#3 Landscaping

renovation project

Landscaping after the work on your property has been completed is probably something that will require doing, especially if you have had building work completed. This will help get your project looking well and truly completed and settled within its landscape, and it can make the difference between your renovation project looking like it is still an ongoing project or feeling the swell of pride in your chest or the lump in your throat of a dream come true.

Landscaping is an area where it is a good idea to bring in professionals. They will not only have the correct insurance to ensure that your property is financially protected against accidental damage, but they and you are protected too should any injuries happen.

Landscape gardeners will also be able to plan with you what you would like your land to look like to the minuscule detail, as well as be able to advise you on the best plants and layouts to have around your property.

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