4 Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

Being in an abusive relationship takes a tremendous toll on mental health. It can include physical and emotional abuse, all of which have devastating effects on how the victim of abuse feels about themselves and their quality of life. Emotional abuse looks different from physical and violent abuse but is just as damaging and hurtful. […]

Ways to Boost Your Dating Confidence

The useless, classic dating advice of all time we’ve all heard countless times from our mothers, self-help books, and magazines is to “be yourself.” But unfortunately, this advice doesn’t work in practice. In the competitive dating world, you must generate an appealing prospect of yourself and make a strong first impression. Of course, a long-term […]

The importance of Mother’s Day

There are many relationships on this earth, but one of the relationships which effortlessly beats all others is that of the mother. This is a priceless relationship when it comes to dedication, countless love, and devotions towards her family. No wonder, many countries across the globe celebrate Mother’s Day to acknowledge their presence. This is […]

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