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Gogopdf: Multiple Tools in a Single Platform

Nowadays, given the different types of computer documents can be overwhelming. And purchasing numerous software programs to convert files is expensive. Gogopdf is an online-based tool that can convert multiple file formats for free. It offers functions for every document needs like transforming PDF to JPG, compressing, merging, repairing, add watermark to PDF free, and many more.

Gogopdf is an online tool that can be accessed using any device anytime and anywhere via phones, computers, smart devices, and many more. The features function well, whether Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or even Linux operating systems. It also supports any browser that most of the customers are using.

Merging Files The Easy Way

Merging many PDF documents into one PDF file can be upsetting, but with Gogopdf, this process is remarkably effortless. It provides a highly functional and practical merge PDF Free, incorporating them into one PDF document. Having extreme knowledge to merge PDF files won’t be necessary. Here are Gogopdf’s four easy-step processes for joining PDF documents.

Begin with uploading the selected file to merge. To upload a PDF file, select the PDF file from the device, and upload it directly. “Drag and drop” can also be used to upload the file easily. Then let Gogopdf do its job and wait for the file to be merged into a single PDF file. After that, make the necessary modifications. Lastly, click on Merge PDF and download the file.

There are also choices aside from just downloading the file. Customers can copy the link and share it with others. The link is directed to Gogopdf’s website, where people can download it. Users also have a choice to send them to their emails. The files will only be accessible in 14 days and removed from the server after that period. It’s convenient and saves a lot of time.

Convert Files

Gogopdf can save a lot of time with tools that can help change the files’ formats. As mentioned earlier, it’s an all-in-one PDF converter that allows the transformation of almost any type of document. Convert any files to PDF and from PDF. Every PDF file or document to convert will only take a second and is simple to use.

Customers have their own choice to edit, turning something informative into life. Add, insert, and replace images and texts in PDF files or use markup tools to highlight, underline, strike out, and do more on the files. Splitting and Extracting PDF files is also an option. Customers can use and edit it for their convenience.

To start with, it can transform PDF files into something editable like a Word file. To do so, select “PDF to Word,” open the file to convert, then wait and let it do its job. PDF to Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentations, and Web pages into images are also some of the best features of Gogopdf that users can use.

GogopdfNo Software Download Needed

Since Gogopdf can complete the whole method online, users don’t need to download or install any software. As stated above, it can be obtained through smart devices, but the best way to use it is on a computer. All it needs is just the browser of choice and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Customers may utilize their resources anywhere and anytime.

Gogopdf platform also implements that there will be no internal use of storage from the device. PDF files are also extensive because of all the images, graphics, and likes but with Gogopdf being an online tool, and it needs to consume any of the user’s memory capacity as all files happen in Gogopdf cloud.

Gogopdf Privacy Policy

Unlike other web-based tools, Gogopdf prioritizes all users’ privacy and safety, especially when dealing with confidential files. It has a security feature that can keep all of your uploaded files safe and away from the prying eyes common on the internet. No one would track the files since it is SSL-encrypted. Users’ documents won’t be compromised.

Gogopdf values every customer and makes sure that every document is handled with security protocols. They will delete all the processed and uploaded files on their server after an hour of the customers’ activity, leaving no traces. Even the programmers of the said platform can’t access the end user’s personal information and documents.

Gogopdf PRO Version And Price

Gogopdf PRO VersionAlthough users can access multiple features for free, they can only be used for a specific time. Users have the option to subscribe to Gogopdf PRO for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. It may cost a lot of money for some, but users may perform multiple PDF processes without limits. The price is set for great benefits that users can enjoy.

If a user wishes to subscribe, Gogopdf PRO allows all-new PRO users a free trial to withdraw or cancel their membership if they don’t feel the need to upgrade. With the cancellation, PRO will refund the cash used back to the user during the free trial period. Users have the freedom to choose what works best for them.

Subscribing to Gogopdf PRO, users can edit and convert PDF files or any up to 2GB documents. It offers unlimited storage for converted PDF files and any other supported files into the cloud. It’s worth switching to premium PRO as it brings plenty of bonus features and perks that will make handling PDF documents way more straightforward and beneficial.

Gogopdf PRO VersionTakeaway

Gogopdf can do a flawless job to transform documents and other PDF-related features. All activities can utilize with only just a few mouse clicks, and the task is ready. This specific online tool supports the needs of both students and educators and makes workloads uncomplicated.

Gogopdf is the best single platform that has multiple tools and features. All the said features are converted quickly and securely. The premium version is also a great additional feature for daily PDF conversion necessities. Having this online tool provides excellent service, a fast interface, user-friendly, and most of all, it is for free. Satisfaction is guaranteed with its many useful features.

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