Flip over frog

Flip Over Frog from Hub Games

Flip Over frogFlip Over Frog from Hub Games is a fun 10-minute game that the entire family can enjoy. In Flip Over Frogs, by Japanese designer Okabe Games, players play with what else, but frogs?

To begin the game each player is given a secret Frog Token, determining what color frogs they are trying to get onto the board. After dealing three tiles to each player, you place a tile from your hand to a space on the board.

Flip Over frog

Tiles can be placed on any empty space on the 4×4 board, or on the back of any face-down tile. Frogs may not be placed on top of face-up tiles.

When placed, the arrows on the tile which surrounds the frog tell the player which nearby tiles should be flipped. If a tile is stacked on another tile, both tiles are flipped together. Only the newly placed tile causes other tiles to flip though.

Flip Over Frog

Also included are four Snake Tiles which remove any one face-up Frog Tile from the game. Play continues until either no more tiles can be played or the board has sixteen face-up frogs displayed. At the end of the game the player with the most frogs face up is the winner.

Overall, this was a quick fun game to play. The only negative thing I could say about the game is that it may take younger children a bit longer to catch on to how the game is played.

Website: https://www.wearehubgames.com/

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