Giant Tiger Goes Back to School

Back-to-school spending on the rise

In a recent GFK study, 44% of Canadian parents in the 25-to-34 age group (often referred to as Millennials)  plan to spend more on back-to-school shopping in in 2016, then in previous years.  With spending rising in Canada, you may be feeling stressed about getting everything your child needs for back to school.  Shop Giant Tiger first to save money on back to school shopping. Whether it’s shopping for a backpack,  a back-to-school wardrobe, school lunch supplies, or even a box of tissues for mom, Giant Tiger has you covered!

Back to School Must haves

Licensed Character Backpacks

 Licensed Character BackpackBackpacks are the #1 essential for school. A backpack leaves with your child in the morning and stays with them until they get home. It’s essential for holding supplies, books, and lunch. It’s no surprise that kids prefer picking backpacks that show off their personality and interests.

While my daughter doesn’t necessary need a new backpack this year, she did show an interest in the Frozen back pack set from Giant Tiger.  The three piece set features Elsa & Anna. The set includes an all-in-one backpack, lunch bag and pencil case. For $22.99 this is a real saving. Choose from Frozen, Spiderman, Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory and more.

lunch bagLicensed Lunch Bags

While a lunchbox wasn’t cool when we were in school, it’s a necessity now for kids who stay for lunch. Add extra fun to lunchtime with a licensed lunch bag from Giant Tiger. Licensed lunch bags are just $9.97 and we found them to be very roomy. While my daughter doesn’t use a lunch bag yet for pre-school, she does use a bag to store her little toys.


Shop for Less at Giant Tiger

Here are just a few of the great deals you will find this week:

  •  A 4 pack of 32 page Canada exercise books. $0.39
  • 10 pack of Bic crystal pens $0.99
  • Dixon Pencil – 10pk- $1.99
  • Crayola Pencil Crayons – 24 pack- $4.97
  • Twin Hole Pencil Sharpener- $1.50
  • Scientific Calculator- $5.00
  • Glue Stick 2-pk. with Bonus $1.50

Off to College?- Get Dorm Ready

For College-bound students, mom can shop for all those dorm room needs at Giant Tiger. Just look at these savings.

  • Lap top table $25.00
  • Three Tier Bookcase $18
  • 2 drawer cabinet $29
  • Kitchen trolley $69
  • Proctor Silex Single Serve Coffee Maker- $29
  • Sunbeam 7 piece cookware set $29

Be sure to check out the “Giant Tiger Back to School Dorm Look Book” and save on tablets, laptops and more.

From Aug 17th to the 30th save 15 % on kitchen appliances, furniture and mattresses when you use the promo code: Back2Dorm. ( This offer is valid online only.)

If you’ve never done your back-to-school shopping at Giant Tiger – now is the time to start! Remember, Giant Tiger doesn’t close once school starts. You can always go back for anything you may have missed!

It’s really a no-brainier for me to shop weekly at Giant Tiger to pick up grocery- sale items, as well as housewares products and to shop for clothes for my daughter.

Win up to $1,000 Weekly in Giant Tiger Gift Cards

win up to $1,000 Weekly in Giant Tiger Gift Cards

To make the 2016 back-to-school experience even more exciting, Giant Tiger is hosting a back-to-school ” contest, featuring weekly grand prizes of $1,000 in Giant Tiger gift cards! Enter the Giant Tiger giveaway now!

What are your” must haves” when shopping for back-to-school?

About Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger is the leading Canadian owned family discount store, committed to providing on-trend family fashions, groceries and everyday household needs. Known as Canada’s best kept secret the privately held company has over 220 locations across Canada and employs over 8,000 team members. All Giant Tiger locations are locally owned or operated by a team member who knows the community. The friendly stores with the iconic yellow logo are not only where Canadians shop more and spend less, but also are proud to be known as retailer of choice. #foryouforless.


Rose DesRochers
Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.


  1. Avatar

    I like it can be one stop shopping at Giant Tiger! Our need and must haves are must new underclothes and pants/tops…Stocking up on cereal and snacks too…

  2. Avatar

    Must haves for my kids is a new backpack – it’s SOOO important to them!!!

  3. Avatar

    I always love to shop at Giant Tiger for great prices but also different items with great value! There are still a few things on my must have for back to school.. Shoes for indoor class as well as runners, but also so many extra snacks for the little ones.

  4. Avatar

    Must haves-jean jacket and leggings in all sorts of colors.

  5. Avatar

    lunch storage and a good back pack are a must!

  6. Avatar

    When we go to Giant Tiger for back to school things it’s clothes and shoes.It’s skirts,pants shirts ,tops socks and you name it!! Then it’s paper pens calculators, and a million accessories.I love shopping there because their products are good quality and the prices are fair.

  7. Avatar

    at the top of our must haves list is a sturdy backpack and a good lunch bag

  8. Avatar

    Shopping for school means new shoes often more than one pair and some great new fall clothes

  9. Avatar

    Must haves are backpacks, lunch boxes, stationery, pens/pencils, and a new outfit.

  10. Avatar

    My must haves are a new back pack and new shoes. We usually pick up binders, pencil crayons and a lock for the lockers. When we have the extra money a disposable camera is always a fun addition to take pictures of friends new and old.

  11. Avatar

    Must have new shoes and clothes.

  12. Avatar

    Must have is backpack, lunch kit and running shoes!

  13. Avatar

    When back to school shopping, an absolute must-have is a new backpack.

  14. Avatar

    Shoes for going back to school and a backpack.

  15. Avatar

    My must haves are new indoor shoes and new writing utensils!

  16. Avatar

    THE must-have back-to-school item is a laptop. It’s all I can think about. With so many available, it’s not an easy decision. I hadn’t thought of Giant Tiger before, but now I’m definitely going to check them out.

  17. Avatar

    Giant tiger is my one stop shop, they gave everything and competitive prices. I love giant tiger

  18. Avatar

    The must haves for me – 1. clothing several tops, pants, underwear, socks, at least 2 pairs of shoes, jacket for the cooling weather. 2. School supplies – backpack, paper, note books, pencils, pens, binders, pencil crayons, pencil case, sharpener, high lighter, lunch box and there’s probably more but I can’t think of them

  19. Avatar

    Back to School shopping is a breeze at Giant Tiger!!

  20. Avatar

    My kids need sturdy shoes, lots of jeans and a new lunchbox!

  21. Avatar

    Love the backpacks, the kids always get a new one each year and GT is a great place to buy them

  22. Avatar

    new backpacks and running shoes are always at the top of the list for back to school

  23. Avatar

    Definitely back packs and th best stationary

  24. Avatar

    I good and sturdy backpack is always a must for back to school shopping.

  25. Avatar

    I think some must-have would be a new backpack and lunchbag, and some new clothes.

  26. Avatar

    Backpacks are a definite must

  27. Avatar

    Good shoes, backpack and school supplies

  28. Avatar

    Must have are new shoes, backpack, lunch bag and of course new outfit for the first day!

  29. Avatar

    I think the must haves are the locker lock, binders/pencil/pens and paper.
    As for the clothing – I purchase only one outfit at the beginning of the year for the first day. I don’t do a big clothing shop

  30. Avatar

    Must haves: backpack, crayons, pencil, eraser, binder, paper, book shelf, lunch bag and new clothes and running shoes.

  31. Avatar

    Must haves are shoes and jackets and school supplies!

  32. Avatar

    A whole new wardrobe, knapsack, shoes, jewelry, makeup, school supplies and so much more.

  33. Avatar

    a good, solid backpack and lunch bag are both a must for my 2 boys!

  34. Avatar

    Until this year, my kids didn’t NEED anything (the joy of kindergarten). This year, they need a pencil case, palette (for painting) and some other things but we had all of them. I shop at Giant Tiger on a weekly basis for all my families needs!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  35. Avatar

    Having all new sharp pencils

  36. Avatar

    A good backpack is a must.

  37. Avatar

    New clothes are a must have for me.

  38. Avatar

    definitely need backpack, new shoes, USB stick, pots and pans and food

  39. Avatar

    My must haves for BTS are new running shoes, new back pack and new lunch bag.

  40. Avatar

    New first day of school outfit!

  41. Avatar

    Always had to have new clothes, shoes, and school supplies

  42. Avatar

    Must haves for school are a new back pack, new shoes and some great clothes.

  43. Avatar

    Must haves a sturdy back pack and good foot wear

  44. Avatar

    Must-haves for back to school include a sturdy back pack, comfortable shoes and mix-and-match clothes.

  45. Avatar

    Our must-haves are a USB stick (this new generation stores their documents/homework on it!), plus a good lunch kit / food warmer/thermos, and insulated water bottle to keep hot or cold. My daughter also needs a geometry set for math.

  46. Avatar

    I love shopping at Giant Tiger, so does my granddaughter.

  47. Avatar

    I still need to purchase shoes for indoor use only.

  48. Avatar

    Lunch containers and indoor shoes are must haves

  49. Avatar

    A must have in this household is a good backpack that will hopefully last all year

  50. Avatar

    a good backpack that provides support for all the books

  51. Avatar

    This year my son is going back to University so I’m buying things for his new place. Giant Tiger has great prices on the small appliances and also bedding and bath products.

  52. Avatar

    My must haves for back to school are a sturdy back pack, lunch bag and reusable water bottle.

  53. Avatar

    Giant Tiger is an awesome place to go for great deals on awesome product. I love my local Giant Tiger

  54. Avatar

    a good backpack, shoes and supplies like pencils, pens and a notebook

  55. Avatar

    A big must have is a good backpack that sits properly on the childs back, as well as indoor school shoes and outdoor ones!!

  56. Avatar

    our must haves include good jeans, fun hoodies, comfy sneakers, and of course lots and lots of school supplies!

  57. Avatar

    it has to be clothes that can be interchangable with other clothes

  58. Avatar

    My must haves for back to school shopping are runners and a backpack!

  59. Avatar

    My must-haves for back to school are backpacks, pens & pencils, duotangs, and crayons.

  60. Avatar

    Essentials for my daughter include backpack, lunch bag, running shoes and lunch/snack containers.

  61. Avatar

    Our back to shool must haves are a new outfit , footwear, backpack and a ton of school supplies.

  62. Avatar

    Must haves are jogging pants and hoddies for my lil guy! Thanks!

  63. Avatar

    The must haves are always shoes!! shoes shoes……They go through them so quickly. Also new warm pj’s, socks, underswear.

  64. Avatar

    Must haves include a few new outfits, and a the main staples needed for class by way of supplies. I also make sure to get the right snacks and bento supplies hey are a must have to make sure food gets eaten . Boots and shoes and warm clothing are also on the must have list

  65. Avatar

    Back to school must haves – new snickers, everyday shoes, backpack, lunch bag, pencil case filled with coloured pencils, erasers, new clothes and jackets

  66. Avatar

    I know I’m going to need school supplies like glue sticks and such for my little guy starting in grade one. Coloured pencils maybe a binder?

  67. Avatar

    According to the grand kids, must haves are a new backpack and lunch bag

  68. Avatar

    Our must haves are backpacks and school supplies

  69. Avatar

    Definetly school supplies!

  70. Avatar

    my back to school must have is: a new lunch bag, comfy shoes and new socks.

  71. Avatar

    A new backpack is a must for back to school. We throw in a few supplies and get new clothes as needed.

  72. Avatar

    our must haves at the moment are exercise books calculaters pencils markers papers binder and bookbags

  73. Avatar

    Must have is lunch box and back pk.

  74. Avatar

    My mainly must haves for school has to be shoes, I can’t believe how many different pairs of shoes they need and GT has me covered!! plus a new lunch bag, backpack, and all other school supplies!!

  75. Avatar

    Backpack and new shoes are must haves.

  76. Avatar

    Binders, pencils and some cute, easily washable dresses.

  77. Avatar

    My “must haves” when shopping for back-to-school are snacks and notebooks.

  78. Avatar

    backpacks is a must have

  79. Avatar

    the back to school must haves are clothes, runners, school supplies!

  80. Avatar

    Our back to school must haves are everything from glue sticks and crayons to binders and calculators. This year I have boys going into grades 1, 2 and 4 and grade 12. I love the prices I am seeing at Giant Tiger! So affordable!

  81. Avatar

    Back to School essentials include backpacks and lunch bags, socks and underwear and of course some really stylish outfits from Giant Tiger

  82. Avatar

    My must haves when back to school shopping are: backpack, shoes, pencils, pens, markers/highlighters, calculator and binders.

  83. Avatar

    I look for quality and affordability when back to school shopping. I want the items to look and work great but I don’t want to spend too much because my kids tend to lose everything!

  84. Avatar

    A new licensed backpack for sure and frozen inspired is right up my daughters alley, and crayons, pencils, notebooks, lunch related items and of course clothing and shoes!

  85. Avatar

    Comfortable sneakers and a stylish backpack are our essentials.

  86. Avatar

    Must haves are good pair of shoes,a great durable back pack and a insulated lunch bag .of course pencils and erasers and such to start off the school year,as always replenishing these basics

  87. Avatar

    Starting with the coffee maker and some baking pans and cookie sheets are the first new items I would purchase in back to school season. Then some new clothing for the grandchildren, and new fall clothing for the family.

  88. Avatar

    Backpack and ither school supplies, and always a first day of school outfit including a fall jacket!

  89. Avatar

    our back to school must haves are back packs, binders, pens, pencils, highlighters and calculators….I still have one in public school while 2 are in high school 🙁

  90. Avatar

    Our must have right now is a backpack and lunch bag for back to school.

  91. Avatar

    I think some of the must haves for back to school would be new clothes for sure and shoes. Then backpack and lunch boxes. I am sure there is much more too.

  92. Avatar

    Giant Tiger is my favourite place to shop! I love the sweet deals they have on groceries every week too. Lately fruits and veggies have been so expensive but I find at Giant Tiger I get a good value for my buck.

  93. Avatar

    I love shopping at Giant Tiger, it’s my next go to place other than Walmart, love the clothing and styles they have too!!


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