Power Blox E-Blox building brick sets

Iconic childhood toys such as construction sets always make a great Christmas present. In 2019 take the building block to the next level with Power Blox E-Blox. These building blocks are a fantastic and educational gift idea for children eight and up. Not only are they fun to build with, but it enhances a child’s knowledge in the sciences and arts. The system was awarded the 2017 Creative Child Awards by Creative Child Magazine and the Tillywig Toy Awards –Brain Child award.

The judges at Creative Child Magazine just awarded both Power Blox™ Standard Set ($60.49) and Circuit Blox™ 59 ($21.99) with its 2019 Creative Play Of The Year Award. They didn’t stop there. Both building sets also won a second individual award in the Creative Construction Play category!


E-Blox sets

E-Blox falls right in line with the new learning system implemented among educators called (STEM) which means Science, Technology, Education, and Math. ThePower Blox coveted STEM.org credentialing organization deemed these two and every E-Blox toy to be STEM authenticated and certified!

The Power Blox does resemble a Lego set at first glance. Unlike Lego E-Blox has the ability to allow low current to flow through the power blox pieces and light up the lead to give the design or structure that wow factor.

E-Blox kits come with pre-deign build ideas to help kids start building. Parents can also download more design plans from the E-blox website. You can add the blocks to other brick systems to expand the building possibilities. With E-Bloxs kids can create anything their heart desires while also discovering electrical circuitry without the use of wires.

E-blox teaches kids how to correctly put a power grid/source together. With its patented technology, it will indicate if the connection is wrong with a low warning sound. If put together correctly, the led block indicator will illuminate. The set we have came with several different led block indicators, with two different color variations.

Power BloxThe included instructions show kids how to connect the bricks and modules so that the LEDs light up. You must place each piece correctly, with the positive “+” side of the LED module connected to the positive side of the battery case.  Backward LEDs won’t glow. It must also connect to the negative battery case terminal, too.

E-blox runs on a 9-volt battery that’s safely stored in the main power block. It secures with a screw to ensure the battery remains out of the reach of younger children. The Power Blox power bank also has an on and off switch to save on battery life. In fact, there’s even an alarm incorporated into the battery box, which sounds when there’s a short. The 9V battery is not included in the set.

Power Blox Standard Set – E-Blox – LED Building Blocks

Power Blox E-Blox

We own the standard set which contains over 40 patented parts including 10 leds. The standard set is a great beginner set or add-on set. It also comes with a case that you can build on and then later use to store your building blocks.

Our Thoughts

Power BloxBased on previous Lego experience, our daughter thought she could just build the set and it would work. This meant a little learning curve before building, at least if we want the lights to work on her creation. She is still too young for E-Blox, so I build it for her with an explanation.

Overall Power Blox E-Blox kits are perfect for children who like building with plenty of creative possibilities once you understand how they work.

New for Christmas 2019 are the Power Blox Light ‘N Flight ($44.99) and the Circuit Blox Lights ‘N Motion ($32.99). Children discover the workings of a motor, a fan, and a switch or try their hand at creating illuminate light structures that spin. These brand-new kits are on toy shelves now.


Website: https://myeblox.com

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  1. My grandkids would love this set. Power Blox E-Blox kits who be perfect for my grandchildren they love building and being creative. Thanks for the detailed review and this fun product !

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