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Goliath Games Jumping Jack kids game

Playing the Jumping Jack GameMy daughter is starting to like board games a lot, so we have been adding some new games to her collection. Just in time for March break fun and the upcoming Easter holiday comes Goliath Games Jumping Jack kids game.

This fun game is designed for two to four players ages 4 and up. The game contains a bunny hill, Jumping Jack rabbit, 12 carrots, a spinner, 4 gardening baskets and a set of instructions.

Jumping Jack Review

The Jumping Jack game is really easy to play! Insert the carrots on the bunny hill, place Jack on top of his hill. Each player (up to 4) gets a basket. Players, starting with the youngest player take turns spinning the spinner to see how many carrots they getJumping Jack Review to pull from Jumping Jack garden. The spinner has 4 options: Miss a turn, pull one carrot, pull two carrots and remove a carrot from your basket. If you don’t have any carrots in your basket then play continues to the next person.

The players start pulling the carrots out of the bunny hill depending on what the spinner says. You keep playing until Jack jumps. It’s exciting because no one knows when it will happen. If Jack jumps on your turn, you’ll win if you catch him. If you don’t catch Jack when he jumps, then the player with the most carrots wins.

Goliath Games Jumping Jack kids game teaches hand-eye coordination, taking turns, counting skills and quick reactions. The game is simple easy for young children to learn and even fun for mom and dad to play along. Though the game is meant for ages 4 and up, I find that it’s also suitable for children as young as 3.

I do find placing Jack on top of the hill is tricky for younger players, and if your child is clever enough they’ll know how to make Jumping Jack Review Jack jump after pulling a carrot. My 5 year old figured this out very quickly. Also the baskets are rather small and tumble over if too many carrots are placed in them.

Aside from those minor things, Goliath Games Jumping Jack kids game is a lot of fun and is a big hit in our house. It is the perfect Easter gift to be enjoyed long after Easter is over.

Goliath Games makes lots of fun games for kids including Doggie Doo, Pop Pig and Giggle Wiggle.

Website: https://www.goliathgames.us/

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  1. Another game that I would like to play is Greedy Granny, my granddaughter would get a kick out of that one..lol

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