Easter basket Alternatives from Zing

Easter baskets are a fun tradition. Now a days more parents are looking for healthy alternatives to the candy and chocolate that was once put in Easter baskets. While, I won’t deprive my five year old daughter from eating a Kinder egg, I will supplement the majority of candy in her Easter basket with fun gifts instead. If you are looking for some fun Easter basket alternatives to fill your child’s Easter basket then look no further than Zing Toys.

Glove A Bubbles

Glove A Bubbles Ask any parent and they will tell you that a must for Easter basket is bubbles. Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean kids can’t play with bubbles. From Zing comes a new way for children to enjoy bubbles. Available in a selection of delightful characters, Glove A Bubbles allows your child(ren) to create a storm of bubbles. Choose between a bunny, a lion, panda, elephant or one of several other animals.

Using it is simple! All they need to do is remove the bubble pouch from the glove, dip the glove in the bubble pouch and wave their hand.

We had so much bubble fun! It does make a lot of bubbles, because of all the holes on the gloves.

Glove a Bubble is reasonably priced, therefore making it an affordable Easter basket filler. The pouch is refillable and resalable, so you’ll be able to keep this gift around long after the Easter holiday is over.


 Stikbot Easter Eggs

Stikbot Easter EggsThey are not Kinder Surprise eggs, but they are just as cool. In fact  the Stikbot YouTube channel has received nearly 200 million views.  Each Stikbot Easter Egg comes in three colors (red, green or blue), with eight different variations and one mystery pet to collect!

From the common blue bunny to the rare green bunny kids won’t know which Stikbot they have until they open their egg. Both of my daughter’s eggs contained the ultra rare black chicken.

Stikbots have a suction cup that can stick to almost any flat surface.  Stikbots are recommended for ages 4 and up. Now, your child can become a Stikbot YuTube star!

This Easter, treats doesn’t have to mean candy. We hope that you have enjoyed these Easter basket alternatives from Zing Toys. What is going into your child’s Easter basket?

For more information please visit zing.store.

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One thought on “Easter basket Alternatives from Zing

  1. Easter does not have to be all about chocolate, I like gifting skipping ropes, chalk, kite and of course bubbles, it’s fun to gift items they have to use outdoors!!

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