cartoon game theme custom backdropsWith the launch of the Disney Tangled the Series comes new Disney merchandise. Kids will love to recreate their favorite Tangled moments with the latest Rapunzel items from Hasbro. If you have a Disney Tangled fan in your household like I do then they are going to love the Disney Tangled the Series Swinging Locks Castle play set from Hasbro.

Inspired by the Disney Channel animated TV series, the Disney Tangled the Series Swinging Locks Castle play set offers 2 sides of play. This allows your child to create adventures both inside and outside of the castle.

The castle has two stories with working doors on the downstairs and upstairs. There is a seating area and you can spin the sundials at the top of the castle to make the lanterns inside twirl.

DISNEY’S TANGLED THE SERIES SWINGING LOCKS CASTLE PlaysetThere is a plastic zipline, so that Rapunzel can swing and slide down the golden locks ‘zip-wire.’ Or place her on the lift to get from the top of the castle tower to her bedroom. The lift can also be used for Pascal to go up and down in his bucket too. Clip Rapunzel into her hair chair and she swings on the tree.

The Disney Tangled the Series Swinging Locks Castle play set comes complete with a full size Rapunzel doll. Therefore, there is no need to buy the doll separate, unless of course your daughter wants the “Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll” like my daughter does. The Rapunzel doll included in the set is shorter than a standard sized Barbie, which allows for her to fit through the doors of the tower.

There are lots of accessories with the Disney Tangled the Series Swinging Locks Castle play set too. There is a sketchbook, easel, paint and brush that fit into Rapunzel’s hand.

Assembling the play-set is extremely easy and takes just a few mins to set up. The Disney Tangled the Series Swinging Locks DISNEY’S TANGLED THE SERIES SWINGING LOCKS CASTLE PlaysetCastle play set includes play set, doll, outfit, Pascal, 8 accessories, and instructions.

With the inspired details your child will soon be off on action-packed adventures with Rapunzel and Pascal.

Disney Tangled swinging locks castle play set and other Disney Tangled the Series play sets and dolls are available at most major retailers and on


Rose DesRochers
Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.


  1. Avatar

    My granddaughter loves this movie so I know she would love this set and would play with it often!!

  2. Avatar

    This is adorable , my granddaughter would so love this , great gift idea , thanks for sharing !

  3. Avatar

    I seriously thank you because of all your Christmas ideas, I have been able to pass some ideas on to family when they ask what my girls would like 🙂 My youngest would have a blast playing with this. she has a rapunzel dress so she could get in character and play 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Aw I think my granddaughter would love this. She’s just starting to really get into the barbie doll thing. Up until now it’s been dolls the size of newborns lol


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