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Dr. Beaker stir up excitement this upcoming Christmas

With a  new holiday season upon us comes new games from Blue Orange! I have had the pleasure of playing many Blue Orange games including Dr.Eureka, Fast Flip, and lastly, most recently Dr.Beaker.  Blue Orange Games never disappoints my family, which is why I highly recommend those looking to gift a family game. These games are fun, entertaining and educational. Blue Orange Games is an award winning company, producing high quality games. Just in time for Christmas the company is stirring up excitement with Dr. Beaker, the third installment to the Dr. Collection!

How to play Dr. Beaker

Included in the game is:

    • 4 beakers
    • 4 stirring rods
    • 50 challenge cards
    • 24 molecules
    • (8 orange, 8 purple, 8 green)
    • rule book

Dr. BeakerSetting up the game is quite simple. Each player has a beaker, a stirring rod and 8 balls (2 of each colour). Drop the balls into each beaker and shake until each ball sits into a compartment. Each beaker contains 8 compartments, there are 6 compartments that are on a rotating platform and 2 compartments in the centre of the beaker. Shuffle the challenge cards and stack them in the middle.Flip over the top card and then the fun begins.

Dr. Beaker Dr. Collection

At this point you race to position the molecules in the beaker as shown on the card. This might sound very simple, but there are some rules in how you must move the molecules from one compartment to another. The bottoms of the beaker has a raised rotating platform and in order to move this you use the rounded end of the stirring rod to manually rotate the platform. You can only move the  ‘molecules’ (balls) with the stirring rod, and you can only move them from compartment to compartment by passing through the centre of the beaker (not jumping across the platform).

The first player to correctly match the challenge card with the molecules in their beaker calls out ‘Eureka’. After each round you calculate the amount of cards given based on their place and the number of players in the game. See the handy chart, which is included in the rule book. The first player to accumulate 10 points wins the game. Also in the rule book are variations of the game based on more than 4 players. These variations are played in teams to complete the experiments.

My Opinion of Dr. Beaker

Dr. BeakerDr.Beaker is such a fast paced, fun game for hours of entertainment. We had such a great time playing and competing with each other to create all the combinations on the challenge cards. We had beakers and stirring rods sliding around and occasionally molecules rolling into the floor when the competition got fast and furious!

As with the other Blue Orange games I have tried in the past, this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to trying more games by Blue Orange in the future.

‘Eureka’…you did it again Blue Orange with Dr.Beaker!

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About Blue Orange Games

Based in San Francisco, Blue Orange Games has been creating timeless games for the whole family since 2000. Their catalog of over 70 award-winning products has earned a reputation for high play value, skill development, and continuous fun. As an eco-friendly company, they focus on high quality designs using durable materials and plant two trees for each one used in the construction of their signature wooden games.


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4 thoughts on “Dr. Beaker stir up excitement this upcoming Christmas

  1. Sounds like a really fun game and kids love anything that seems kinda scientific, I would have fun playing this game as well!!

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