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“Bellz Will Be Ringing, the glad glad news. What a game to have.”

2015 most promising game, comes from Wiggles 3D. Bellz magnet game is a simple yet challenging game created by Wiggles 3D. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this magnetic family game Bellz Magnetic Gameinvolves picking up bells of one color using a magnet wand. It is a must have game for anyone on your Christmas list that appreciates a good board game.

Unzip the tidy carrying case, and it cleverly turns into the Bellz playing board. Inside are forty custom shiny bells in four colors and three different sizes. Colors are purple, orange, blue, and green.

Each player chooses one color to pick up, using the magnetic wand, which can be used two ways. The goal is to pick up the same color bells with the wand in just one turn.

The larger end of the wand is more powerful than the smaller one. You can pick the bells up as a string, or cluster, as long as Bellzyou don’t pick up more than one color. The first player to collect all ten bells is the winner. If you pick up bells of any other color, which can easily happen, your turn is over.

The game is not as easy as it sounds. I admit that is probably one of the most challenging games I have ever played, and yet I cannot stop playing it- despite my bouts of frustration. For me, picking 10 bells is taking some serious practice, and definitely more than one turn.

My husband on the other hand mastered the game in a couple of turns- with just two of us playing. We definitely found the game more challenging if you only have two players as some of the bells you need end up buried in the pile of other colored bells, whereas when 4 of us are playing, bells get removed faster and the game gets easier as it progresses.

Bellz is a great game to improve hand and eye co-ordination, sorting and pattern skills, as well as logic and decision strategy.

The nice thing is that Bellz doesn’t require any destined family game night. It can be played with the kids while waiting for dinner to cook, or during social time at your local Tim Hortons or neatly tucked away with your luggage while traveling during the holidays.

This is a game we’ll be playing for a long time and I can’t wait for Miss P to join in the fun, that is once she is old enough to play.


Wiggles 3D was created by Don Reid. Inspired by his quotable father, Don developed the first board game, Don’t Quote Me, a game about famous quotations. This game set the bar for creating entertaining, rewarding and award-winning games. Each product we add to the Wiggles 3D family broadens our selection and offers fun to people of all ages and interests.

Today, Wiggles 3D games continue to grow. They remain committed to continuing to innovate both through new games created in-house and through co-branding and licensing with game developers.”


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