7 Tried and Proven Ways To Make Your Back Yard More Relaxing

7 Tried and Proven Ways To Make Your BackYard More Relaxing

Is your backyard a place of enjoyment or yet another stress to add to your list of things to keep up with? While there’s always something to work on if you have a garden, grass, or other greenery, your yard should also be a place to relax and enjoy after a long day.

One way to get this job done quickly and almost effortlessly is to install a pergola. Take an online stroll through the outdoor structures offered by companies, like The Luxury Pergola, to get an idea of what might work in your yard. Then, run through these 7 tried-and-true ways to take what you already have and make it more relaxing until you can upgrade to your dream outdoor space.

1. Get Organized


It’s almost a guarantee that the more space you have, the more stuff you’ll put in that space. When you look in your backyard, what’s stored there that isn’t necessary? This might mean donating things you don’t need or throwing away stuff that can’t be used — which can be a challenge if you like to collect things! Keep your current furniture if it’s comfy and makes you feel good, or replace it if it’s outdated and less than relaxing. By organizing your backyard into a clean, clutter-free area, you’ll instantly feel less stressed.

2. Clean Up

Now that you have an organized backyard, it’s time to get real with the work in front of you. What needs to be mowed and weeded? Are there tree limbs that are threatening to take over your home? Are the hedges and flowers in the right places to do the job you want them to do, like blocking a view or making an area look better, or do they need to be transplanted or replaced? This part is where you do the heavy lifting, but it will pay off when you’re done!

3. Add Stonework

wishing well

From stepping stones to brickwork, a little rock goes a long way. Where can you add some granite to break up the greens and browns of your yard? Consider incorporating a small wishing well, statue, or bird feeder, or add some steps from your patio to your gazebo or pergola.

4. Play Up Your Natural Views

Are there any scenic views in your yard that you already love, like the perfect spot to watch the sun rise or set or a natural formation? Be sure whatever greenery, stoneware, or structures you add to the area enhance those views rather than block them.

5. Add Running Water

The sound of a babbling brook or gently crashing waves is music to the ears of many. If you’re one of those who feel relaxed listening to running water, why not add it to your yard? Swimming pools are, of course, the ultimate, and the filter gives off a soft trickle of moving liquid. But if you can’t invest in a pool yet, a running birdbath or garden pond does the job!

6. Don’t Forget the Shade


Bright, sunny days are perfect for relaxing in the backyard, but sometimes, a little shade is in order. The most efficient way to include shade without sacrificing ambiance is to add a gazebo or pergola in an unobtrusive spot.

7. Finish Off With a Touch of Greenery

Once you have all the major aspects of your yard in order, take a few steps back and survey the results. Pay attention to any areas where you get the sense that something is missing, or a little more color would be beneficial. Then, decide if flowers, shrubs, a hedge, or another form of greenery would finish the look off. Add your greenery, head to the patio furniture, and enjoy the results of your hard work.


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