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Get ready for the new toy craze among kids! Have you heard of squishies? Honestly, I’ll be surprised if you haven’t. Originating in Japan, the latest toy craze features small soft foam toys. They are the newest version of the stress ball, yet softer and more “kawaii” (the Japanese word for “cute”). Their scent makes the experience even more fun. Now, just in time for Easter...[Read More]

Gift Ems

Gift ’ems, from Jakks Pacific, are mini surprise dolls from different cities around the world that celebrates diversity. The collectible factor of this line made this a top toy this past holiday season and the perfect toy for girls Easter baskets this upcoming Easter. There are over 80 Gift ‘ems dolls to collect and trade. Gift ‘ems Figurines Each Gift ’em comes in its own unique box shaped like a...[Read More]

Easter is just around the corner. Why not make Lottie part of your daughter’s Easter basket? Lottie is a fairly new range of dolls, providing girls age 3 to 9 with an alternative to the popular Barbie doll line. Launched in the summer of 2012, Arklu, creators of Lottie dolls have used research and the backing of Professor David McCarthy and Dr Margaret Ashwell, to create a doll body that is ...[Read More]

Stay Asleep Buddies

This Christmas give the gift of sleep to a parent with a toddler or preschooler. Stay Asleep Buddies Hedgehog is a nightlight, and sleep trainer. It is one gift that your gift recipient’s parents will thank you for. This simple interactive plush pal uses melodies and lights to send clues to a child about when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to get up. The nightlight can help ease a chi...[Read More]

Griddly games

Last year, Griddly poured out a cool new entry into the STEM product category with its Just Add Milk science activity craft kit. We had the pleasure of trying the ‘Just add Milk’ kit and now we have tried the ‘Just add Glue’ kit. Both are spectacular. Included in the ‘just add glue’ science and art kit are: two powdered bottles of food coloring, a bottle of glit...[Read More]

3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf Board Game is based on the popular nursery rhyme. Help the three little pigs on their adventures as they build their houses and hope to avoid the huffing and puffing, Big Bad Wolf. How to play 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf Board Game Each player chooses one of the pigs to play and gets a house plastic stand of that pig’s color. Players take turns rolling the...[Read More]

Haywire Group The Worry Eaters

Wondering what one of the most in-demand toys is for the holiday season? If you guessed Hatchimal, you are right, but along side the hottest holiday toy craze comes another top holiday toy. Worry Eaters, by the Haywire Group, are a line of soft dolls that gobbles up kids worries. Children write down or draw a picture of what’s upsetting them and put it into the toy’s mouth, which they then zip shu...[Read More]

Leaping Letters from LeapFrog

LeapFrog is well know known for creating educational toys for children that make learning enjoyable and fun. If you’re searching for something that will help your child develop their alphabet abilities, then Leaping Letters from LeapFrog is our recommended choice. The LeapFrog Leaping Letters game is suitable for ages 3-6 years although children as old as 7 may have some fun with this game. Leapin...[Read More]

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