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My daughter is quite the fan of stuffed animals. Whether it  is her enormous collection of TY beanie boos or her Flopsies she is quite attached to her plush friends. The latest addition to her plush collection is Squishable. Squishables are known for their short extremities, round bodies, and extreme softness. You can’t get much more adorable than a Squishable stuffed animal. Not only does t...[Read More]

Littlest pet shop

When I asked my daughter what was  one thing she thought other girls her age might like for Christmas her answer was Littlest Pet Shop toys. My daughter loves Littlest Pet Shop and has a small collection of the toys. With her collection just starting to grow she needed a place to store all the little animals. After browsing the different Littlest Pet Shop playsets, it was determined that my daught...[Read More]

Aurora World

When it comes to toys, you may be thinking that plush animals are a thing of the past, but truth is that Christmas is actually the number one gift-giving season for plush toys. Just like the faithful teddy bear you received on Christmas morning 40 years ago, stuffed toys are still popular among today’s children, despite the influence of more hi-tech toys and game. With over 3,500 soft dolls and pl...[Read More]

I SEe Me

A fun-filled and worthwhile activity for both adults and children is playing memory games. Not only do memory matching games help sharpen the mind, but they are an efficient way to pass the time over the holiday season. It is also a great way to keep kids busy on Winter snow days when kids are home from school due to bad weather. If you are looking for a fun, memorable and educational gift a perso...[Read More]

Doodle Top

Children of the 90’s might recall this next toy. It had a felt tip pen bottom that colored as you spun it. The toy is now back for a new generation of kids to enjoy. The Doodletop from University Games is the only spinning top that draws. To use: Simply insert the marker into the top, take off the cap, and spin like a regular top! The colorful results are similar in style to the drawings a s...[Read More]


Teach your children that they can be anything they dream of being with a series of Get Real Gear dress up clothes from Aeromax toys. In 19997, Mark Levine launched toy company Aeromax toys with just one product, a tangle-free toy parachute memorialized in his Aeromax company logo. Twenty years later, and Aeromax products are now found in hundreds of retail outlets coast to coast. Sandra Bullock, J...[Read More]

Ice Cool - fun flicking board game

Ice Cool is a flicking dexterity game for two to four player, though it is better to play with four. The game plays out in about 30 minutes. It is recommended for children age 6 and up, though adults will enjoy the game as well. The game takes place in a school. The art work is pretty impressive, as each room has fun artwork to represent different rooms in a school — classroom, gym, cafeteria, etc...[Read More]


This holiday season why not add Yulu Spy Code Games- Break Free & Safe Breaker to your family’s ever-expanding board game collection! After-all, shouldn’t your children learn how to break into a safe and out of hand cuffs? Released in the spring of 2017, the unusual family games have become extremely popular throughout the United States and elsewhere. Spy Code – Break Free Br...[Read More]

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