Turn your wardrobe into a portfolio of investments with The RealReal

Having an investment in this day and age is a pretty cool thing especially if it makes you a good fortune. For a long time now, creating or making an investment has been quite a hustle to do. There was a lot of requirements that you needed to meet for you to have a sound investment. Things are now different thanks to The RealReal, a company which makes it possible for you to make an investment out of your wardrobe.

About the companyLouis Vuitton Wool Bouclé Coat

The RealReal is a platform that allows you to make good returns on your luxury wardrobe items from that Louis Vuitton coat to that couture dress. You can make this return by selling those luxury items that you are no longer using. This platform is not just about selling but also buying. You can purchase any item you like from the other luxury re-sellers on the platform. This company was set up in 2011 by Rati Levesque and partners. Rati was a long-time luxury boutique owner before she ventured into this platform. She is now the chief merchant of the platform in San Francisco, and her input has been very crucial to the success of this platform.

The real success

This platform has been very successful in the ever-growing luxury resale markets, and it has the numbers to prove it. It’s the leading platform in the global resale market currently valued at $6 billion. This platform holds at least $450 million worth of market share. There are over 9 million registered users on this platform, and the number keeps growing by the minute. There has been more than 8 million luxury items transaction on this platform since it’s inception.

Reasons for its success

Here are the reasons why this platform has risen above its competition to be the best resale platform globally. These reasons are why you should join in and let this company help you make a lucrative investment out of your wardrobe. They include;

Reasonable pricesLouis Vuitton bag

How much do you think that Louis Vuitton bag sitting on your wardrobe is worth? How much money do you think you can make back? With this platform, you can make up to 80%. Isn’t this amazing. Reasonable prices are part of what has made this platform successful. You will have a reasonable price if you are selling and also if you are buying. Furthermore, if you are buying, you can be sure that you have the authentic luxury item and not a deep fake. It would be sad for you to buy something somewhere else thinking it’s a good deal while you can actually get a good deal and an authentic luxury item on this platform.


Ease to use

Ease of use is another strength of this platform. The company operates a website which you can easily access in case you need to sell or buy a luxury item fast. On top of that, this company has a few physical stores located in New York and Los Angeles. These stores serve you if you are the type that likes a personal touch in the buying and selling. For most cities that don’t have a store, the company organizes pop-up stores once in a while so that you can also get a chance to buy that Louis Vuitton bag you like physically.

A wide market

All of the 9 million registered users on the RealReal platform are potential buyers of your luxury items. With so much demand for this item, you can be sure you can run an investment that has a better turn over than some of the physical stores from your wardrobe. So why not try it?



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  1. its great to invest if you can, I never have had any money to invest sure would make retirement alot easier if I did

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