Toy and Game Reviews

Hasbro has something for everyone this Easter Avoid sugar overload this Easter with these chocolate-alternative gift ideas for preschoolers from Hasbro Playskool. What childhood would be complete without a Mr. Potato Head? The toy is a classic rite of passage for most preschoolers. Taken back to my own childhood, I fondly remember hours spent making funny faces with a Mr. Potato Head doll and gigg...[Read More]

By Shawn DesRochers Monopoly has been a favorite board game for family and friends in one form or another for over a century. Originally created by Charles Darrow in 1933,  who made a prototype of the new game using materials from around his home. He used a piece of oilcloth that had been a table covering for the game’s board, cut the houses and hotels out of scraps of wooden molding and typed the...[Read More]

Learn to Dress with Kidoozie Dress Me Emily

  Children normally begin to start dressing themselves with different levels of coordination and difficulty around 18 months – 2 years old. By three years of age, most toddlers get dressed all by themselves. They however, still may need help with Velcro, snaps, zippers, and buttons. One way to help your child learn to dress is to give them lots of opportunities to practice. Learn to dre...[Read More]

Meet the Shopkins- collectable toy craze

Meet Shopkins — the newest collectable toy craze that my daughter is crazy about! Crazy enough that I have driven two hours (there and back) just to purchase hard to find Shopkin characters. Shopkins are super cute, super tiny, grocery characters, which are making a huge splash. Over five million Shopkins characters are made every week. The brand has attracted a strong online fan base, garnering 1...[Read More]

Hot water bottles have been in use for centuries. Today, research has revealed, just how dangerous hot water bottles can be. In response to these concerns, new safer products have been introduced- for both children and adults. Warm Buddy warm up animals are the perfect aid for your child`s aches and pains. They make a great child-friendly alternative to the traditional hot water bottle. Warm Buddy...[Read More]

Another Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you are looking for the perfect plush toy , then look no further then Aurora. Their collection of stuffies are sure to tug at the heartstrings of your special someone. Aurora’s popular Pom Pom Penguin is melting hearts with cuteness. The line expands to include precious, super-soft pink penguins and each holds a heart with a “cool” embro...[Read More]

Imaginative play is the cornerstones of a young child’s world. When it comes to pretend play, little girls have this tendency to imitate their mothers, with everyday activities such as washing dishes, shopping at a grocery store, cooking, and even talking on a phone. International Playthings, Kidoozie brand offers a wide variety of toys to enhance your daughter’s imaginative play. This...[Read More]

With the holiday shopping season behind us, adding new toys to your child’s toy box might be the farthest thing from your mind. I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but there are only 88 days until Easter. Also, with a new year comes another birthday. The next time you are shopping for a gift for a toddler why not consider adding more open-ended toys to their collection. Recommended for chi...[Read More]

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