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Board Games make wonderful Christmas gifts for the entire family. If your family is anything like mine then you enjoy a good top thatfamily game night. If you are tired of the same old games then why not check out all the fun games that Blue Orange Games has to offer. They offer games for everyone in the family aged 3 – adult. Top That is a new game from Blue Orange, recommended for ages 6+.

The game focuses on problem solving, focus and attention, visual perception, fine motor skills and speed. The goal of the game is to collect cards by solving the puzzle on the card.

How to play Top That

Top thatTo play Top That each player takes one black top hat, one red cup, one orange tube, one green coin and one white rabbit. Play begins by flipping over a card from the stack. The card directs you to how you must arrange your props.

Greyed out objects needs to be hidden inside another prop in the stack. If the object is in color, it needs to be visible. An object that has stars around it must stay empty. The first person to stack it correctly yells out “Top That!” and  wins the card!

It takes a great deal of paying attention to the card and special reasoning to figure out each card. While it looks like a game that only kids would enjoy, adults will have fun with this as well. This is one of those think quick to win games!

Does your family have a weekly Family Game Night? If you do, what is some of your favorite games to play together?

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