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ZB Freestyle Board

Wondering what to get the tween and teen on your shopping list? Tucker Toys brings you a unique product that looks like a   Tucker Toysskateboard deck with an inflatable ball in the middle. The ZB Freestyle Board reminds me of  the Pogo Ball from the late 80’s that was introduced by Hasbro. If you grew up in the 80’s then you most likely remember the Poga ball. You held on to it with the hopes that it would hold you upright.  If you hopped around with reckless abandon on a pogo ball in your youth, then why not try your hand at the ZB Freestyle Board? It is a great workout and mom, the kids won’t know that you gave it a try.

 Tucker ToysHow does the Freestyle Board work? Simply place your feet on the board that has grip tape and a texture surface on the deck Place your feet close to the ball and jump. Your feet hold the ball and allows you to pick up the board for jumping action. Once you get the hang of jumping, you can move onto other tricks.

The board includes an inflation pin, and inflation guide, and three-step assembly instructions. Kids can use this freestyle board both indoors and outdoors. As a mom, I appreciate any toy that keeps kids active and the ZB Freestyle Board does just that.The ZB Freestyle Board requires a good degree of balance though.  I do love that this board is great for all ages. Please note: Kids should always wear a helmet and other protective gear when attempting tricks on the board.

For more about the ZB Freestyle Board please visit https://www.tuckertoys.com.


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