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Doctor kit

Is there a doctor in the house? Now your child can rush to the patient with their little toy doctor kit from Kidzoozie, the leading brand in traditional toys and classic fun. This quality toy doctor kit is an excellent dramatic play toy for both boys and girls. The kit includes an Otoscope to see into ears, a medicine dropper for dispensing liquids and a reflex hammer; everything you need to treat...[Read More]

Kidoozie Cozy Cutie dolls

  If there is one toy that has stood the test of time and has been asked for Christmas after Christmas, it is the doll. Dolls have been enjoyed by little girls throughout the centuries. Dolls are usually one of the first props that a little girl uses in her pretend play. Through something as simple as caring for a baby doll, a little girl learns a great deal about nurturing and tenderness. Do...[Read More]

Itty Bitty Nativity Scene

Children all over the world are making wish lists and hoping Santa Claus will stuff their stockings with the top toys. But how many children know the story of the first Christmas – the night Jesus was born? One of the best ways to teach your children about the birth of Jesus Christ is with a nativity set, but for most parents a breakable nativity set may not be the best idea, especially if y...[Read More]


If you have noticed here at Today’s Woman we have been rounding up the latest and greatest Frozen themed gifts and toys to please the most enthusiastic Anna and Elsa lovers. My daughter owns several Hallmark itty bittys and as a mom I just love this adorable line. The tiny four inch tall plush toys are the perfect item to collect. The Hallmark itty bittys collection has grown from eight char...[Read More]


November 2015 marked the two-year anniversary of Disney’s “Frozen,” and children are still singing along. At first, Frozen was simply the new Disney movie. Now there is a Frozen-mania that has concurred the world and the Frozen phenomenon shows no signs of lessening anytime soon. While some parents may cringe at hearing the songs over and over, children are still enthusiastic about the movie. This...[Read More]

Disney Frozen Storytime Theater Projector

Do you have a Frozen fan in your house? Have you heard the song “Let It Go” a million times? Almost two years after Frozen first debuted in theaters, it’s popularity if anything is even stronger. If you have a Frozen-obsessed little girl in your life, we have the item she is going to force you to buy this holiday season. Guaranteed to be one of the biggest sellers is the “Storyti...[Read More]

3D Magic Maker

The 3D MAGIC 3D Maker line of children’s activity toys from from Tech 4 Kids has been cited as one of the top “must have” items for the upcoming holiday season. Their 3D Magic Maker, allows kids to create everything they can imagine, from building sculpts, to doll accessories, jewelry, animal figures and much more. The 3D Magic Maker is battery-operated and safe for kids 6 aged a...[Read More]

Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise Doll

This holiday season allow your daughter to explore the magical world of Lalaloopsy, with tons of silly surprises around every corner! Lalaloopsy, the #1 large doll collector brand for girls from MGA Entertainment originally released in 2010, with eight characters. They began to grow in popularity during the 2010 holiday season when they were named the hottest toy and MSNBC referred to them as R...[Read More]

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