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Fraggle Rock plush from Super Impulse

Many of you who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s will remember Jim Henson’s “Fraggle Rock,” a series that primarily feature a cast of Muppet creatures called Fraggles who lived in an underground world alongside their industrious green neighbors, the Doozers, and a family of Gorgs. The program was designed to entertain children, while encouraging an understanding of diversity. The 96-episode series has been seen in over 98 countries and has received several prestigious awards. I wasn’t a big fan of Fraggle Rock, however my husband and children were. My husband can even sing you the theme song. This holiday season celebrate your love of Fraggle Rock with a new line of Fraggle Rock plush from Super Impulse. The new line includes 10-inch plush characters, 4-inch plush backpack clips, 6-inch beanbag plush and 15-inch feature plush.

fraggle rockFraggle Rock 10″ Plush Characters

Purple haired and level-headed Gobo and the athletic Red, the leaders of the Fraggle Rock crew, come to you standing about 10″ tall (or sit about 7″ tall) with posable tails and sparkly hair. Gobo has an orange complexion and purple (pink) hair, and wears a yellow and pink stripe sweater with a brown vest. Red has a yellowish orange complexion, orange pigtails, and wears a red sweater.  Both Gobo and Red are small enough for young children to hold. Even fans of the show will like the 10 inch plush as a collectible. I couldn’t get over how closely the plush resemble Gobo and Red in the Fraggle Rock series.

In case you don’t know Gobo function as the level-headed unspoken leader of the Fraggles. Red is athletic and energetic. She also tends to be highly cynical and competitive with her friends.

Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock Backpack Clips

Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock Backpack Clips are perfect for any Fraggle Rocks fan! Perfectly sized  the 4” backpack clips will delight and engage a whole new audience who will love to take Red and Gobo with them everywhere.” They are very simular to the 10 inch plush only smaller scaled.

15 inch Fraggle Rock Plush

Super ImpulseThe 15 inch featured plush are the largest. Clap Red’s hands together or hold Gobo’s hand, to hear the Fraggle Rock theme song.

I am looking forward to seeing how Super Impulse develops this line throughout 2018.

Nearly 30 years after it finished its run on HBO, all 96 episodes of Jim Henson‘s classic live action puppet series have return to HBO, newly restored in HD. With the return off Fraggle Rock and a new line of toys from Super Impulse a new generation of kids will be able to enjoy these delightful muppets.

What do you think of this new line of Fraggle Rock plush from Super Impulse? What do you remember about Fraggle Rock?


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3 thoughts on “Fraggle Rock plush from Super Impulse

  1. I know I watched this when my girls were young, but sadly I can not remember it at all..must be old age or I am having a brain fart lol!!

  2. oh wow does this ever bring me back! I used to watch this show every single morning! nice to see those characters again

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